Taiwan ARC criminal record check


I know, I know, trust me I seriously searched far and wide for info on the
internet. Kind of surprising the lack of information about this one way or
the other.


Hi Anna, I’m literally in the same boat as you. But the news about the new background check was literally after I left home and was traveling to Taiwan. I disclosed the DUI offense in my initial interview and application. I was told it wasn’t a problem. I also sent a local background check to my employer which came out clean because after a certian amount of time (and depending on good behavior) it gets erased. But, the FBI check will reveal anything you’ve ever been fingerprinted for and I am sure it will be there. So any news?




I’m literally in the same metaphor about boats as both of them.


In that case, I wish you good luck getting out of it. :slight_smile:


It’s going to be difficult. Rough seas ahead. It’s a big boat that we’re all literally in.


If you two are literally in the same boat, your criminal record checks should be ready by the time you dock in Keelung Harbor.


Actually, they might have expired by then. I think they were talking about a three month limit. :doh:


Yes my employer never asked, but yeah the news came after I bought my
ticket and a week before I left. So far no news I’m still waiting on my
criminal background check from the fbi to arrive. Could take another month.
I’ll make sure to update once I know my fate :confused:


Hi Anna,

My friend and I are in your exact same boat. We had a DWI in 2011. Please keep us updated with what is going on!!

Thank you so much.


Will do Nick. Are you already in Taiwan and working like me? Let me know if you find out anything as well.


I just landed in Taipei 6 days ago. I am starting my interviews this week. I am going to process my criminal background check ASAP. Fingers are crossed!


2011 was a long time ago. Depending on the state you’re from, you might be able to get it expunged.


I can get it expunged in 2021 unfortunately. I can’t wait for the day.


this boat is literally getting crowded


So I’m getting a fbi channeler to get me my criminal record check now because apparently the US was really backed up and it was taking like 5 months, so I should find out fairly soon. I’m so anxious now! Do you think I should have told me school about my concern? They don’t know about the dui, but I didn’t lie to them because they never asked about criminal history. Also the guy who hired me doesn’t even work there anymore. It’s just such an uncomfortable topic to bring up so I dread it. How does getting the arc work? Do I have some sort of meeting in person with the immigration officer?


Here is a good link that spells it out:

Step 2 in the process involves you giving the school your crim record check, copy of passport, copies of degrees, copy of your medical (have you done a medical yet?)

I wouldn’t worry too much about not telling your school… they aren’t exactly being fair by you, given that you are currently working without a work permit


School said they take care of it, did medical and copy of my degree and everything. I guess I just wonder if I’m the one who meets with the immigration officer of if they are.


It’s just handing in the paper work and paying the fees. Either you or an agent can do it for you depending on how your school handles it. Without a work permit though, you won’t be getting an ARC.



Is it possible I can contact you. I’m going through the same problems and I wanted to know what process you went through to get the background check done. I currently live in Taipei and don’t understand all the things I’m required to do. Thanks for your time.