Taiwan ARC criminal record check


I am curious, if you are from the UK, Canada, SA how long does the criminal check take? In the US it takes at least 8 weeks, or more.

So this means, unless a school hires someone with an APRC or Family-based ARC, their teacher will have to get a criminal check BEFORE they work there. Wow.

This almost makes me feel a little guilty for leaving my employer one month before semester starts. Almost.


Ok, so I sent in all the paperwork to the fbi before on left the US, but I now am getting it done through a channeler, because apparently the US is currently taking like 5 months.


I’m not sure I’ll be of help, do you have the dui problem as well?


What’s channeler did you use? And yes I have the dui problem as well


In Canada there are “criminal record” checks and “police record” checks, and they have a strange list of rules for what’s included in each one. How long it takes depends on whether or not you’re willing to pay the rush fee and whether or not you need to be fingerprinted.


In the US, a police check is very quick. At least in the state of Missouri. Give them your ID, they run a check, and print out your report and give it to you. Takes, maybe 5 minutes. But that is only for the city. For the state is a fingerprint process, and is same day as well…if you do it in person. And of course, the FBI thing.

Unfortunately, TECRO in the US would only except an FBI report since police and state reports are only local. This caused a problem since the KCTECRO had a local woman working in it who kept saying the local report was OK, but the Taiwanese woman was not saying that, and getting really impatient with everyone. I swear, embassies and consulates the world over are all the same.


What a disaster. I am going through the hiring process right now. Some schools don’t even know about this law yet. Others do. I guess we will wait and see… I messaged a few people on facebook asking them if they think a DUI/DWI will have any issues in getting an ARC. Most said no. They are just worried about violent/child offenses. Hopefully Taiwan will have similar rules like Vietnam. You need background check but only to show you can work with children.


BREATHE PEOPLE. Everything will be okay.


Lol I needed that Nick. Honestly I feel like maybe not letting us drive would be reasonable but barring us from working with kids doesn’t make sense.


Hey Anna, I just got my finger prints taken at immigration services. I am going to use a channeler. Who did you use (what website?) also, can the channeler mail directly to Taiwan? Or should I mail to my parents then have them mail to me? Let me know all the details. Thanks.


I’m having my results emailed to me via a link, which my employer said to
do. You need to put your parents US address on the forms though for the
channeler not your Taiwan one, use all your US info. Here is a link to the
channeler my boss said to use:


Ok, cool. Are you getting a hard copy too so it has the tamper proof paper and seal? I just emailed them and I think I’m doing the email + having my parents mail me it. Not taking chances.


It will be authenticated but don’t have the raised seal. I’m following my
employers instuctions to the letter with this, you may want to get it
mailed as well just in case though. I already ordered a normal one that
will have the seal back in the end of june, it’s just taking way too long
to arrive.


Hi Anna,

Just checking in. Any updates to the shit show? Have you heard any stories about others? Fingers crossed.


what’s the latest Anna?


I’ll know soon guys hold on. Wish me luck !

Is it a bad idea to move to Taiwan this weekend to look for an ESL job without a background check?

OK EVERYONE IM LITERALLY SHAKING RIGHT NOW! MY FBI REPORT CAME BACK CLEAN!!! All it says is “no arrest data”. And I absolutely positively was convicted of a DUI. But here’s something, I remember when I was arrested the cop never finger printed me or took a mug shot, I think maybe because so was a crying mess and he felt bad for me. I wasn’t fingerprinted until my conviction, so maybe my poilice department fucked up. Either way for all apperances I have no arrest data, so sorry I guess this was all irrelevant and I can’t help you guys. It’s possible since this is a misdemenor some of you won’t have it show up on a report either, I don’t know. Either way my DUI was not reported to the FBI!!!


No mugshot or fingerprinting when arrested? Did they forget to read you your Miranda rights as well? What kinda Keystone cops are we talking here? And your conviction isn’t in your records? DUIs do show up on federal background checks. Somebody (or many people) fucked up. Lucky you :blush::+1:


I’m more surprised that your DUI was a misdemeanor. I’ve said on other threads and I’ll say it again, misdemeanors shouldn’t show up there. The FBI isn’t interested in them. I’m sure DHS has a check that brings absolutely everything up, but the FBI check isn’t it. Although, to be fair, your story of not getting a mugshot or fingerprints after an arrest is also pretty out there. Glad to hear it for you.


you must be relieved! sooo very lucky

Mine has arrived in Australia, here’s what it looks like… still need to get it posted. Am waiting for another one from another government department which will look clean. Hoping that arrives soon as I don’t have a lot of time left here before my 3 months is up