Taiwan ARC criminal record check


Anna16, never have I been more jealous of someone. I want to say congratulations to you. Enjoy teaching in Taiwan.

For everyone else… let’s figure this out together.

I am at a buxiban and I was not asked for a background check. Today I was messaged by my school and said that the Taiwanese government says I need to provide a background check to get my ARC. I knew this was going to happen but wanted to see if I could somehow slip through the cracks. Didn’t work. I am getting paid in cash and I told my job that I will provide them the criminal background check after my trip to Vietnam in October.

My background check shows my DUI. I know there’s more of a chance I will get denied. That being said, I need to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ now. Since I am going to VN in October, I am going to ask around and see what teaching is like there. Has anyone thought about going to VN? Maybe even Thailand? I have read on numerous websitest that SE Asian teaching jobs are looking for violent/children criminal charges. Minor things like DUI/MIP would not hinder your chances of getting a job. BUT NOW SINCE I HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS BULL SHIT IN TAIWAN, I do not want to make another move until I am 100% certain I can obtain a working visa with my DUI on my background check.

I refuse to go back home to the United States. I will not give up. It seems that simply Taiwan wasn’t meant for me at this moment. Such is life. But I also do not want to live a visa hop life. Yes, I love to travel and that is why I am teaching abroad. But also I want some stability. I’m thinking Southeast Asia might be my next destination. Any thoughts?


Hey guys, I don’t plan on staying in Taiwan or Asia. I’ve been applying for jobs and have interviews back in the states so I’ll be leaving in a few weeks. I can honestly say this has been the worst experience of my life. I came here exciting, fresh out of college, and ready to enjoy life. It turned out to be the exact opposite of what I was hoping for. But, this experience has made me stronger and I’ve learned so many valuable lessons from being here. I also have a better appreciation for back home. The Taiwanese people have been incredibly hospitable. I have never met so many friendly people in my life. The United States can learn from them. Also, the countryside is very beautiful. With that being said, I am not totally upset with going back home. I’ve been here for almost three months and I know enough that staying here for an entire year would have been a struggle for me.

But, for all of you that are in my same situation, I wish you luck in your endeavors. Be resilient and make the best out of this situation. Grow from it and become a better person. If you do that, I believe you will benefit greatly in the future. When you look back at this period in your life, you will know that you have grown from this experience and become a better version if yourself.

Good luck everyone.




I may be lucky. I got a different type of criminal check in Australia, which is a national check, however it is technically for employment. Basically it says I am ‘clear’, and has a stamp and stuff and is from a government department. I gave that to my school and now they are asking me to do the transition from visa-exempt to visitor visa, so I am assuming they have my work permit now.

I guess I will find out in due time… If not, cya in Vietnam in October


Has anyone heard about a school being able to appeal a work visa rejection? I heard it’s up to the school what to do once the government says no the first time.


Administrative decisions can be appealed to the Executive Yuan and to the administrative courts. The government usually wins, but if a buxiban is completely in love with you it can at least try.

If they do appeal, they should get a lawyer to make sure all the t’s are crossed. Otherwise the petition can simply be declared “not received”.


The denial is coming from the application of work permit, which is applied for by the school, therefor it is only the school that can dispute it.

I don’t know how familiar you are with law, but generally an original case to test statutes and create precedent will go to a relatively high level and cost a lot of $$$. Having said that, i know nothing about the ROC legal system… i have nfi if they use common law


Thanks everyone. Looks like I’ll be visa hopping and finding a job that pays me in cash. Didn’t want to do this life but it is what it is.


They don’t, although foreign (especially German) jurisprudence has some influence.


I suppose the consensus seems to be they are taking the “NO criminal history” interpretation of the guidelines. The actual language of the legislation says “provide a certificate of good conduct” and underneath that paragraph it mentions all manner of sexual misconduct being absolute grounds for termination. Seems completely bizarre to me that one person earlier mentioned that someone was denied a permit because they had a speeding violation on their background check. This is an unfortunate circumstance for many people, I would imagine, if they take the strictest interpretation.


It is possible that it will depend on the immigration officer. I think one person getting denied is not enough to say for sure, let’s have a few more people tell us what happened to them before we draw conclusions. Although yeah not looking good. Thank God my check came back clean.


I will know in late October about my DUI. I will keep everyone posted.


Hope your Halloween isn’t too scary.


hahaha, thanks!


Did you get an answer?


I was denied my ARC.

I do visa runs now every 3 months and every now and then use one of them for a nice vacation.

I am lucky enough that my school didn’t fire me and pays me in cash. No other school wants to really hire me because of my limitations. But there are schools out there willing to help you.

I was able to open a bank account here as well with no ARC.

I am going to look into online teaching as well.

Cannot wait until I have a clean record again. #2021

Please let me know your experiences.



Was there anyone with anything on their record that got approved?

I heard from my school that Taiwan will try to adjust the policy in the summer— I’m not holding my breath though.


That sucks. At least you’re still working, I guess.


It looks like you had a couple different things on your record though didn’t you? I just have a DUI from 6 years ago. I really don’t want to risk going over there without knowing for sure though. So you leave every three months then?

Edit: Actually, I think that was a different person who posted their background check with multiple infractions. If you don’t mind me asking, did you just have the DUI?


Aren’t DUIs eligible for expungement after 5 years? Maybe it depends on the state.