Taiwan / Asia's best job websites

As one that always enjoys looking around, what are the best job websites in YOUR opinion?


Those are some of the ‘international’ ones … but there must be some Taiwan version of
www.51job.com (which if you know how the Mainlanders say one -yao- makes that URL say I want a job.com in mandarin).

There’s 1111.com.tw, then there’s taiwanted and another one that starts with t that I can’t mention here or I’ll get a public caning… :s

public caning? like the American in Singapore for vandalizing more than 1000 cars?

That’s harsh.

ends with a lit, eh?


It’s 4:15a TST … but 1:15p PST … do you know who’s growing tired of working nights (and not seeing his family evenings?)


I don’t know what kind of jobs you’re looking for but I found http://www.myu.com.tw very useful when I was still working as a freelance English language tutor.

I’d love to see High Tech Area websites which list open positions - like those within 1 hour 1 way from Taichung on the HSR.

I was told by a couple of people this year that I should not put my resume on sites like Monster as it smacks of desperation. I have plenty of Headhunter details in the finance space if anyone needs them then PM me.

I suppose I’m too jaded to believe that putting one’s resume on an internet job board ‘smacks of desperation’.

I can’t imagine what putting one’s work experience on a site like LinkedIn.com ‘looks like’ to the same people.

What I love about Edgar Allen’s post is his stated “location:” --> “location: location”

So salesmanship is still around - just not on job boards.

[color=#FF0000]Call me a cynic.[/color]


[color=#FF0000]Call me a cynic.[/color][/quote]

OK, you’re a cynic

Seriously I had 2 people tell me that but to be fair they were bot headhunters so maybe they had a vested interest?

anyone had success with the (English Teacher related) site www.myu.com.tw

The registration process is fairly complex … which involves CALLING them from your self-identified telephone line (ostensibly for verification purposes). Seemed kinda cool IMO.

Wait, I thought that they call you, just to confirm that you do are in fact fluent in the language (as well as to check that you have a working cell phone number)? Maybe that’s changed since the time that I registered.

It worked well for me, as well as one of my friends because you pretty much leave a limited profile and only an interested student will ‘buy’ your full profile in order to contact you for a job. However, sometimes you do come across a student who’s not actually … ehem looking to study. Be careful with that. That’s why I only work with the students in the morning and afternoons.

As I said - i think it’s kinda cool that they vet each person.

Thanks for the information