Taiwan average life expectancy hits 80.7 years

Must be doing something right.

Definitely due to drinking warm water…

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Or to dancing at public parks …

That’s it???

Asian American life expectancy is 86.

have Asian-Americans ride scooters and cross busy streets daily, and that # should drop to Taiwan’s avg life expectancy


82.3 in Canada, 78.7 in the U.S., 81 U.K., rest of wealthy countries between 81-83, longest is- no surprise-Japan 84.2

There is an issue with unreported dead in Japan.

They making trouble again?


They’re going to bugger the stats. Hundred thousand plus over 100. A fair few over 150.

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Well they just had a party here in Taiwan for a group of 78 centennials.

The old country used to be higher than Taiwan. Lo and behold, since they have been trying to close our social security medical services and started importing Chinese cars, they are now 3 years behind.

I’m confident Japanese have higher than average longevity. Probably down to being short IMO. I’m not confident about the stats.

The US is amongst the only first world countries where average life expectancy keeps dropping.

Thats promising :slight_smile: im surprised its so high here. But then that generation here were certainly pretty hardcore.

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I wonder if the price and type insurance has anything to do with it. /s

What’s a better band name, Stat Bugger and the Unreported Dead or Lack of Frogs

I’d lean toward Lack of Frogs.

I’m wondering where in Taiwan people live the longest. Taipei, with it’s better hospitals? The east coast, with better air?

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Found something from 2011

Seems hospitals win, but I suspect other factors are at play

And has higher ad higher numbers of infant mortality, mothers´death at birth, and contagion of preventable diseases - with lower numbers of vaccinations.

East coast has lower life expectancy. Clean air and water but low access to health services, less work opportunities, less income, more alcoholism and other poverty related ills.