Taiwan Baby Bonus Payments

Chishang township, 池上鄉, near Taitung paying highest bonus in Taiwan NT$60000 to NT$70000 per baby.


  1. a fertility boom is the last thing this island needs
  2. this is chump change and doesn’t help anyone in the long run
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You need your huji in the county. One off payments make very little difference.

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Or pavements and roads where mothers can walk babies down. That would be nice


Social welfare for others and kids is the big one.

More pets than kids in Taipei city now.

Changhua gives $16000 baby bonus. If the mom has lived there at least 1 year.

How much would you get living in Wanhua? I mean besides beatings from gangsters. :rofl:

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These small Villages are looking for people that can grow up and fill the public schools and then become farmers and binlang girls.

What does wanhua need?

Once they get past racism and finish a basic economics class outside taiwan they will realize that they need immigration not 18 years of debt followed by emigration.

We all live here and love here as out home but you gotta wonder if we have already reached max stupid here…

They clearly don’t want immigration… kmt or dpp. Just come here, work as a slave in a factory for 5 yrs or English teacher for 1 and then gtfo to make room for the next batch they can be exploited. If they allowed easier immigration it would affect the livelihood of all the brokers, recruiters, and swindlers (they are all the same)

A quick look at the exceptional foreigners list proves they don’t want the working Joe here. Actually none of Asia does, Japan and Korea are no better. They’d rather have an economic crisis than allow foreigners to stay