Taiwan banned importation of pet food?!?!

I just got off the phone with a pet store in Hong Kong. We are trying to bring over some cat food for our cat that is hard to find in Taiwan currently and even our vet cannot get it, he said something about limited supply. However, this store in HK told me that because of mad cow disease that in China and Taiwan right now it is illegal to import dog and cat food! :astonished: What I don’t understand is why is mad cow related to pet food? Some pet food maybe has beef in it, but not all of it… So I can’t understand how the two are related. :loco: :loco:

And if individuals cannot import how are these bigger distributors getting around it and if it is illegal what does the gov’t intend to do about the millions of pets that don’t have anything to eat. :loco: :loco: :fume:

Has anyone heard anything about this or know who to contact to find out?


Yes, I know about this.And yes it has to do with Mad Cows. The food is manufactored in The US> The dog food company called Hills. My dog once needed Hills dog food and I had to find an alturnitive. I found a compatiable brand through the Vet hospital called National Veternarium Hospital. In Taichung, there are 5 different locations. If you check The Compass rag, they have an AD. National hospital has all Dr. trained Western style and thinking. It’s expensive, but I walk in a get the service for myself and my dog I would get in the West. The dog food I use now is called Royal Canin. It can be found in places that sell dog food, you need to get it a Vet office. Good luck

So is this only for Hill’s products? And if this is effecting dog food, why did the guy say that cat food is also effected? I am wondering if the store in HK just doesn’t know or if there is a deeper issue…