Taiwan Beer brewery Bar?

Hi All, as anyone visited the new brewery owned bar in Bade Road as featured in the Taipei Time recently ?
Cheap ?

This thread is 5 years old, but I can’t find any other thread dedicated to the Taiwan Beer Bar, so I’ll just add to this one. Some friends are meeting here tonight, but in all my years here, I’ve never actually gone.

I guess this is the address:
The Taiwan Beer Bar
85 Bade Road, Sec.2, Taipei
(Entrance on Weishui Road just around corner)
Tel: (02) 2771-9131
Hours: everyday 11 am-12 midnight

Anyone been there recently?
Is it still popping?

I went there once about a year ago. I didn’t like it much. Thousands of people, waiting an hour to get a drink, staff with attitude, vomit and urine on the ceiling of the bathroom, etc. I had good company, though (urodacus, BigJohn). :notworthy: Mainly young, student crowd. Not my cup of tea, but then I am really old.

EDIT: I think there is another thread about this place somewhere, but I can’t find it. :ponder:

Never been there.

Thanks for the suggestion, but no, you may not suggest it.
I’ve already been there, and it was great, but this is not the Jolly thread.
Plus the plan has already been made for tonight.

I think some friends are going to Taiwan Beer Bar tonight. I’ll see what they say and let you know.

I’m going tonight too. Soon.
Maybe we have the same friends.

Just found out it’s the Thai Beer Bar on Nanjing that they’re at. And I’m still packing boxes.

It’s still cheap, so a good place to start a sat night’s drinking.

Yes, It’s still cheap, but the prices have gone up from 50 to 60 to 80 now for the bottled draft. The food was pretty good, and if you are with a group of freinds it’s cheap to grab a few dishes and share them. If you’ve never been there before, this place is just a giant crumbling warehouse. Reminded me of an airplane hanger. Inside it’s just picnic tables set up. There was a live band with a smoking hot singer that wasn’t too bad, but it was LOUD. Like loud enough that we were shouting at each other to be heard. Eventually we just moved outside. Towards the end of the night the locals were going crazy, standing on the stage and tables chugging down beer. All in all, it was an amusing time. The key is to go with good friends and have fun, and like Dougster said, it’s a good start for a Saturday night. They close at 12:00, but most people were clearing out of there at 11:00.

Was there twice over the past year and Josefus accurately hit the mark. They purposely try to make it sort of Oktoberfest-like with the spacious venue, music, free flowing beer and atmosphere, etc. It can be a lot of fun if you go with a good group of people and the right expectations about the type of experience they are providing.

I liked the place when they were at the patio out front, and not deep within the bowels of the brewery property.

It is really strange to have to walk way back in there. I can’t imagine stumbling out.

It is really strange to have to walk way back in there. I can’t imagine stumbling out.[/quote]

It really is way back in there.
It can be tricky to find too if you were looking for it on BaDe Rd.
The entrance to the place is on a side street.

It is really strange to have to walk way back in there. I can’t imagine stumbling out.[/quote]

Yes, my first time there that long, dark walk cast doubt on whether I was a the right place or not. Luckily they had thousands upon thousands of Taiwan Beer bottles (empty :frowning: ) stacked on palletes to give an indication that it was a beer factory. They really need to light up that walkway, or somehow make it look less like a horror movie set.