Taiwan biggest mountain bike store?

Does any one know where the biggest mountain bike store is in Taiwan?

Looking specifically for downhill mountain bikes and downhill mountain bike accessories.


I don’t know where the biggest store is, but Specialized (on Ruiguang Lu in Neihu; there’s also a store in Taichung) might be a good place to start looking. You could also check out Mr. Lu’s Giant store on Minquan East Road between Fuxing and Dunhua; he’s got all kinds of stuff other stores don’t have.

In my experience, DH isn’t very popular in Taiwan and there aren’t many shops that stock DH stuff. A few little ones, but not like back home. There isn’t anywhere you could go and browse three of every part for a DH bike, or even one. The best place to look is on the internet. When you know what you want a local shop could get it for you. Warehouse 185 in Taichung is nice and well stocked, but not with much DH gear. If you know what you want, try sending a message to Plasmatron, he might have or be able to get what you want (it’s his shop).

That’s what i figured - thanks though.

I’m in Canada and ride all this awesome stuff that’s all made in Taiwan, so i figured maybe i could find some of it in Taiwan.

maps.google.com/maps?q=25.047066 … 0&t=m&z=19

Dirty Bike has best selection of Mountain bike and must have 10-15 downhill bikes/frames in stock. The owner, Xiaver, is trying to talk me into buying a Scott but I really want the Yeti they have. Xiaver speaks good english.



It’s pretty frustrating at times, knowing everything is made here but a lot of it isn’t available here.

If you’re the type of customer who takes what they have at the local shop you could build a good bike up (albeit probably with different colour everything). I’m the type of guy who knows exactly what he wants from countless hours wasted on the internet, and it’s got to be the right colour too.

As such, I’ve imported my pedals, bars, 2 stems, headset, saddle and grips. All made in Taiwan. All not available here.

Thankfully if you order from the net, you don’t have to pay tax so the price doesn’t work out too bad.