Taiwan BJJ S.E.A. Grappling Games 2005 in Bangkok Results

Taiwan BJJ Takes 2 Team Trophies

We did a real good job when we went to Thailand a couple weekends ago. Everyone fought hard and we took some trophies back with us. Thought I’d share the news with anyone interested BJJ or just martial arts in general.

Plus I got 2 gold medals :smiley:

[Here are the results] (The grammar cop thing changes the e (in english from the URL) to E, make it lowercase to see the results.

[Here are some pictures on me flickr]

and last but not least…

[Here is a video of me kicking some ass :smiley: (Right click and save as… is probably the best move)]

The team we rolled with is actually a team a guys that spreads island wide (and even across an ocean). Taking the team trophy may not have been possible without all of their help, but we had a really good time (and I still would have served up that ass whoopin’ and got my two golds :slight_smile:).

Can find out about classes and stuff at [TaiwanBJJ.org]

Congrats to you & the Team MTK. Great Job!

Way to go MTK!

Momma will be proud!

:bravo: :bravo:

Way to go. I like BJJ but I’d love to have thrown a thunderstorm down on some of those guys. You had the upper hand too often and I wondered why you weren’t raining hell down on them. Then I realised this was a competition and not a murder.

Miltown, I can really see the Taichi came in handy. Isn’t that a classic internal style takedown? An amazing display of balance.

Great use of the guard pass from the body slam.