Taiwan Book Fest: Sunday, April 21

The second Taiwan Book Fest will take place at Huashan, Taipei, on the afternoon of Sunday, April 21.

For details, have a look at the website for the Taiwan Book Fest.

Some of the authors are friends. I’m likely to go.

Who else is planning on attending? Almas? TG? Tigerman? Would love to see you guys.

[quote=“Tomas”]Some of the authors are friends. I’m likely to go.

Who else is planning on attending? Almas? TG? Tigerman? Would love to see you guys.[/quote]
I’ll be there.

The event has signed up two more great authors for presentations.

John Shufelt, (2:30) a Tunghai University lecturer, will be talking about Notes of Travel in Formosa. The work details the adventures of Charles W. Le Gendre, a colorful nineteenth-century American.

Here’s a review in the Taipei Times written by another of our Book Fest authors, Jerome Keating.

Jerome Keating (3:30) will give a presentation on his fourth Taiwan book, Mapping Taiwan. It’s a large pictorial book full of beautiful maps from Dutch, Qing, and Japanese times.

Keating is a retired associate professor at National Taipei University who has called Taiwan home since 1988. He is a prolific writer and political commentator and a tireless Taiwan advocate.

For more information, see the Book Fest’s website.

This just in from the organizer of the Book Fest, which is now less than two weeks away.

[quote]Syd Goldsmith, author of Jade Phoenix, will be back with his new novel Two Musicians and The Wife Who Isn’t. Syd’s a really interesting guy so I’m looking forward to seeing him again, and hearing about the new novel.

More good news: Rolf-Peter Wille will be back with more copies of his excellent Formosa in Fiction. Rolf-Peter is German pianist who has performed all over the world, and is a professor at the National University of the Arts in Taipei.

Before the last Book Fest I asked my good friend Steven Crook for suggestions on who to invite, and the first book he came up with was Rolf-Peter’s. It’s a quirky look at the island – interesting and funny in equal measure. [/quote]
More info here: Taiwan Book Fest.

When’s the second hand book selling happening? At what time exactly?

A slight change: The location has moved, from the second floor to the first of the “Fruit Wine Building” at Huashan.

Thought I would give this a bump, and add an update.


Just a reminder that the event is this Sunday, from noon to 6, at Huashan.

For more details, see the site for the Taiwan Book Fest.

Passing this on from the organizers.Just a reminder that the Book Fest is tomorrow. Details at www.taiwanbookfest.com

[quote]We’ve got a few extra people along, including Trista di Genova and Kitsch Liao (he worked on Taiwan Since Martial Law, a massive work that came out last work that really needs to be on your bookshelves if you have any interest in Taiwan. We’ve only got ten copies of the book for sale (and at a discount), so be in quick.

And a big thanks to the volunteers who have stepped forward.

http://www.taiwnbookfest.com [/quote]