Taiwan-born, naturalized US citizen visiting Taiwan as a tourist

My situation:

  • Male born in Taiwan in 1965
  • Emigrated to US with the entire family in 1980 (when I was 15)
  • Became a naturalized US citizen when I turned 21
  • I am 52 years-old now.

I’m thinking about visiting Taiwan as a tourist in the near future. I don’t plan to stay in taiwan more than 30 days.

Am I running the risk of Taiwan not letting me leave until I full Taiwan’s conscription requirements?

Also, who/what governmental department should I talk to in order to get a straight, official response for my concerns? Surprisingly, no one I talked to so far knows for sure and have been giving me the run-around. I haven’t tried the Conscription Administration Department in Taiwan because I’m concerned they don’t speak English well (and my Mandarin is less than fluent at this point).

The impression is that, since I’m 52 now, I’m outside of the conscription age range (18-36?) so there should be no problem. Do the gatekeeper at Taipei airport know the regulations (whatever they might be)?

thanks in advance!

Just enter on your USA passport and no worries. Get a landing visa at immigration. AFAIK it’s good for 90 days now?

Yes on entering with your US passport and yes you are passed the conscription age, you should be ok.

Is a landing visa even necessary?

He can enter Visa free for 90 days on a US passport. No prior registration or VISA necessary.

Basically what I meant by “landing visa”. Just figured they’d still stamp the passport with some sort of “Visa” at immigration.

Even before the “Visa free”, I never did any prior registration aside from filling out the little card the cabin crew handed out.

Well everyone seems to confuse “landing visa” with “visa free”.

Landing Visa is a visa that is issued upon landing. In Taiwan’s case this COST MONEY, is NOT free. And really are for people who’s passports have less then six months validity at the time of entry, or people who are travelling on temporary docs, or people who are from countries without Taiwan Visa Free rights but who are able to get Landing Visas (short list of those countries).

Visa free entry is just that …Visa Free upon entry. Good for people from countries listed as being able to enter Visa Free.
They stamp your passport with the number or allowed days and you are IN.

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not been to taiwan since you were 15?

52? dont worry they wont give a hoot bout you.
Bus drivers will speak to you in Taiwanese.

thanks for the feedback - i guess taiwan is back on my todo/travel list :slight_smile:

(nope - haven’t been back since i left…)