Taiwan CD Player

In the high tech economy that is Taiwan, the kids get sent home with lots of audio CDs.

We purchased a CD player locally, you may know the ones, bulbous looking things, I just call them Taiwan CD players, there must be a dozen brands and they all have the same design, ours has “MP3 Disc” emblazoned on the top.

Anyway my question being as follows. Has anyone successfully managed to play mp3s via usb on these things? A prepared mp3 usb formatted as NTFS inserted into the port, makes the 1990s low res dot matrix LCD display say “NO”. CD Player says no. The optical reader is rubbish and seems to get clogged with dust quite quickly, so I am looking for an alternative to make use of this hunk of junk. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

don’t use NTFS… you have to use FAT or something. A lot of those old mp3 players aren’t that advanced.


Why thank you sir, vfat did the trick.

Some won’t even support FAT32 either.

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Supporting NTFS requires the manufacturer to pay additional license fees to Microsoft. Most cheap devices avoid it.

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