Taiwan-China flight forced to land after bomb hoax


Those China Airlines stewardesses really don’t have a sense of humour, do they ?

I dont think any commercial airline takes the mention of a bomb lightly. On an American carrier the guy may be bound and tied already while in the air.

This guy went a bit further and got 18 months jail time for his “joke”

news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/engl … 062415.stm

I do hope the Chinese treat him as he deserves. Jerk!

It’s against the law in most countries… in the US you will most likely face jail time for something like this.

google.com/hostednews/afp/ar … tXufvgW8vg

The Chinese didnt want to keep him, sent him back to TAiwan and hes released on bail (for a paltry sum).

Shouldve kept him in the can awaiting trial. What a dodo.

I hope that, as the guy is a Taiwanese-American, the authorities here will inform the people in charge in the US so that when he goes back, proper welcoming measures are taken.

Let’s see if he tries pulling that prank on a US carrier. :fume:

[quote=“Icon”]I hope that, as the guy is a Taiwanese-American, the authorities here will inform the people in charge in the US so that when he goes back, proper welcoming measures are taken.

Let’s see if he tries pulling that prank on a US carrier. :fume:[/quote]

I wonder if pulling a prank like that would land somebody on the no-fly list. This would surely suck though, if you happen to have names identical or similar to his.

Now another eeejidt: A dentist “carrying” a gun in his luggage… CI flight at LAX. This is not funny anymore. Seems to me someone is testing the waters…

tw.news.yahoo.com/article/url/d/ … 25bco.html

[quote]What’s China Airlines on the 7th evening, a flight from Taiwan to Los Angeles flight CI-008, occurred when a passenger “lied gun,” the amusing incident!

This name surname Yang passengers holding a U.S. passport, in a half an hour before landing, the flight attendants that “baggage have guns”, the aircraft landed safely, after checking by the local police confirmed that the passengers lying, the man also admitted a joke, now back to questioning by Los Angeles police handled the end of this false alarm. [/quote]

Weird, they are Taiwanese-US citizens. Aren’t they aware of what would be the consequences? What is their motivation?

Now, guns should be the first thing detected, but some materials can go unnoticed. The airline should have a protocol, so they shouldn’t panic, but anyway, the joke’s going too far. Anyways, good thing it landed in LAX. Now let’s see how US handles the matter…


Passenger says he wante dto know what would CI do if there were guns aboard… :loco:


tw.news.yahoo.com/article/url/d/ … 25bs0.html

I once landed in Taipei and got on the bus to Taipei and to my horror I discovered I had my switchblade in my carry on. Whew, it wouldve been something to get caught with that on board. I had travelled to HK from TPE and back without anyone catching it. Course this was way before 911.

Stupid switchblade was an ornamental one and belonged at home anyway.

But I did it again and had it on me again on a later flight to HK and this time the cabin crew of CX caught it somehow and the flight crew had to safe keep it for me. But I forgot bout it when landing in HK and some airman somewhere still has it. But this wasnt a nasty one, bout 4 inch blade. I used it for fruit slice ups while abroad. But it doesnt belong on a carry on though. Nowadays Id probably make the news.

A blade in the carry on should be caught pronto. If before boarding, it probably be thrown in the bin or they might give you the chance to go back to the desk and have it sent as separate checked luggage -higher probability of getting lost, being so small.

And yes, you might make the news if they set you aside for questioning, and/or depending on teh size of teh blade. It is a common mistake, like taking away nail cutters won’t be such a biggie, but a blade…

Yeah, in teh past many stations were not careful, but now everyone is aware that one slip costs many lives. We once had a smaller Colorado station send us a motorcyle engine… still with gas fumes inside… the HK engineer almost had a heart attack…

You are allowed to have firearms in your checked baggage anyways, provided that it is declared at check in and unloaded (they will check to make sure) and also it is legal to have them where you’re going, or if not you have the necessary permits.

…all data which should appear on a list of “specials”. Nevertheless, in this case, the guy just wanted to cause “panic” for the fun of it… Oh, and if I remember correctly, guns and amo shoudl be packed separately, and yes, in a definetively well marked pack and with everyone well aware of their existence.

Urgh, at this rate Taiwan is going to be soon listed as a country that harbors terrorist activities and in the end it’s only going to make American passengers to or traveling from Taipei suffer and be subject to more “random” checks…

Now, it is starting to dawn on me, that if the people at CI were so upset about the guns and did the seach, it means that they have had incidents where guns slip past detection. Note, though, that this happens to everyone, and it has been proven with explosives, guns, and other weapons. The system, unfortunately, is not 100% safe.

Still, I keep wondering, what do you guys think is the motivation behind these claims? Fame? Stock prices? Sheer playing the fool?

I do not think anymore measures can be taken with flyers going to/from US, unless someone decides to take the joke one step further. Then its going to be the proverbial you know what hits the fan.

Not here in Taiwan.

The first time, they asked me in BKK how I got my swiss knife on the KLM flight from Taoyuen
The second time, it happened in Saigo, coming from a transit flight TPE - HHG - SGN

Twice, they did not noticed the knife - simply being forgotten on my side

Hence the “should”, as in they have to. As explained, depends not only in the machinery, but on the training of whoever is observing/interpreting the images. Knowing how overworked they are, does not surprise me the slipups might be higher than average.