Taiwan citizen applying for US greencard

I am a Taiwan citizen in the US, applying for a green card through employment. I am now in the last phase, change of status. They ask for a birth certificate, which for Taiwan means the household registration or hukou.

Has Taiwan citizens here ever applied for US green card? Do you have to get the hukou translated somehow? Can the taiwan pseudo consulate in my city do it?What did you do about the differing birthday (taiwan’s dating issue, ROC Year = AD -11, you guys know what I’m talking about).


Looking through online info, some sources says it depends on which state you are applying it in, which doesn’t really make sense…

Such sources say that the immigration in their state requires actual birth certificate, which wasn’t my experience. But if you were born in a big hospital, and it is still running, you might be able to get a copy and then get it translated and notarized. Those big hospitals might be able to provide English version of the birth certificate…

But the more likely method is to get an English version of the Household Certificate Transcript (戶籍謄本) from the Household Registration Office (戶政事務所). Since it is issued by the Taiwan government, you don’t have to get this notarized.

Basing on the Taipei city website, some cities allow you to apply for the document online.
e-services.taipei.gov.tw/hyp … uid=007037

The catch is you need Citizen Digital Certificate (自然人憑證), which even if you applied for one before, chances are you didn’t bring it to the US. Even if you did bring it to the US, it can only be mail delivered to a location in Taiwan.

So your best bet is to get someone in your family to apply for the English Household Certificate Transcript (戶籍謄本) and express the thing to you. Otherwise you can goto one of the “pseudo consulates” and grant permission for someone else to apply it for you (授權).

If both options aren’t feasible, you might need to book a flight to Taiwan.

Good luck.

I have it…i am concerned about the translation…

Well, the easiest way is to get the English version. Otherwise you will have to translate and then notarize it.

yeah I can’t…I am in the US…and I have all my ID docs, my relatives in Taiwan cannot get it for me. i only have the chinese version.

if no one can get the English version for you in Taiwan you can send a Chinese copy to a translating firm that will get it notarized for you. I have no idea which one is better, since it’s been a while that I used one. But googling 台灣 翻譯 公證 代辦 will probably point you to one. Then all you need is pay the express mail fees.

Otherwise the quickest way is still getting Form 15 from here.
taiwanembassy.org/US/LAX/lp. … SD=7&mp=51