Taiwan citizens looking for a business opportunity


I’m trying to find any citizens of Taiwan that are looking to do business as a distributor with a 5 year old American company in the wellness industry.

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I don’t understand the term “wellness industry”. Does this mean a health related industry?

It must be an MLM.
USANA or Nutirilife I think.
Not Amway…it’s more than 5 years old.

Sorry I was wron it’s none of those. But it is close.

BTW The wellness indrustry is mainly vitamans.


A little orange light has come on here saying “May be slighty dodgy”. And both my info and contact details detectors aren’t regisitering anything. :s

Please state clearly whether this is an MLM, network marketing, or similar ‘opportunity’.

Thank you.
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I hate words like “wellness”. This one smells like a fish - a flounder, to be precise. :smiling_imp:

Here’s a letter from the FDA concerning the drugs this guy is selling illegally through his “Legacy for Life” MLM scam (see his “Profile” for the official LFL scam website):

January 28, 2002

Ms. Adrian V. Mathews
Independent Distributor, ID # 505-140
Legacy for Life, Inc.
15033 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd., #346
Portland, Oregon 97267 Ref. No. CL-02-HFS-810-08

Dear Ms. Mathews:

This is to advise you that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed your web site at the Internet address iwr.com/biochoice and has determined that the products "BioChoice

My little orange light has gone out, and a red one saying “Definate scam” has come on instead.

It’s too bad people look for the negative in everything.

I’ve been taking immune26 for the past 12 months and I’ve experienced excellent physical results. I did the research about Legacy and the company the manufactures immune26 (Arkion Life Sciences - arkionls.com ). I’m convinced that the product is safe and effective.

Worldwide scam - The organization is one person operation that operates of his or her home. The website: worldwidescam.com does not give the impression of an organization that I would consider a reliable source of information. Visit the site and see for yourself, it locked up my browser several times when I visited it. Not a very professional looking site. I didn’t get the impression of this site being a reliable source.

I’m a 47 year old person with a family of 3 beautiful girls looking to try and provide a descent living for them and myself and not by ripping off others in the process. I’ve personally experienced great results from the Legacy product(s).

It’s all what you believe in. Opinions, everyone has them, good or bad, it’s all what you believe for yourself.

You can contact me at: lflbiochoice@yahoo.com if you would like to discuss Legacy or the products. I’m not looking to have to defend or trade negative emails.



Are you looking for an exclusive distributor for your product line? Let’s say, for example, that I want to market your product. Would I be given exclusive distributorship? How do you handle parallel imports? Can you also certify that your product has been approved by the FDA?

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[quote=“legacy”]I’ve been taking immune26 for the past 12 months and I’ve experienced excellent physical results. . . I’ve personally experienced great results from the Legacy product(s).

Ok, Scott, what exactly are the excellent physical results you’ve experienced? Longer penis? Bigger breasts? Hair re-growth? Instant good credit?

Imune26 sounds like it’s being touted for its ability to boost the immune system. What if I don’t get sick? What if I am already fit, healthy and happy? What will it do for me then?

It’ll take some of that extra weight off your wallet. But you don’t really need Legacy products in particular – any old kind of snake oil is really good for that.

Scott, no-one is complaining about the product you’re touting – well, except for the FDA, of course, but then, we have your personal word that its a good product, so the FDA’s opinion doesn’t really amount to much, does it ?
But lots of people have very real objections to pyramid scams, MLM, or whatever else its calling itself these days.
I’d like to see your reposnse to DB’s post though. If you can guarantee sole distribution rights in Taiwan and provide some sort of guarantee that there’ll be no parallel importing, I might be interested too.

If the business thread turns into a bunch of morons trying to scam the rest of us with their dodgy products, then it’s really a great shame :noway: . We have so many good ideas and tips to exchange. Let’s see, I have more ideas than the average street dog has flies, but none of them are so slick as the “selling dodgy vitamine tablets” scam.

For instance, I could see a great niche for a foreigner going back to his/hers native country (if they have a decent baking tradition) learn to bake bread and then start a chain of bakeries.

However this shite? Throw them off.

I’m leaving the thread here for the reference anyone else that may have an interest in this ‘opportunity’ in future.

I hope Mr Legacy will supply more details so that we can all have informed opinion, rather than be swayed by the vitriolic few.

I’ve got no objection to him trying to work this crowd. I just believe that anyone who eats a half-way decent diet and exercises occasionally doesn’t need to fork over hard-earned cash to a complete stranger who’s trying to unload some newfangled “wellness” product just because this total stranger claims to have experienced amazing results from the product. Such scams are a dime a dozen. And I believe the purported “business opportunity” is as phony as the miracle medicine. Of course he can’t offer anyone an exclusive distributorship. He’s only a little brick near the base of the pyramid.

But those are just my opinions. I could be wrong. I’d love to hear Scott explain exactly what excellent results he experienced from the product, what it can do for me if I’m already healthy and fit, and whether he’ll grant an exclusive distributorship to the highest bidder.

No answer as of yet…I guess my request for exclusive distributorship has been rejected. :cry: :laughing:

Absolutely, I’m not trying to scam anyone. I’ve been taking this product and it’s doing me good. Have had a digestive problem (IBS) and it’s helped tremendously.

Most sales organizations have sales contests, recruiting, most recruits, most sales etc. it’s a common function in a sales organization.

Every sales/company tries to promote ethics and standards, but can’t control the what every sales rep may say or promise. If you bought a car from a dealership and the sales rep told you the car would perform a certain way, and it didn’t, would you blame the dealer, or the manufacturer?

Legacy does not, and I don’t think any company will grant an exclusive distributorship in qiven country or territory.

Yes, a tragedy that not everyone is a credulous fool.

Well, I haven’t been taking “immune26” at all, and I’m experiencing excellent physical results.

Trying to get people into an MLM operation selling unapproved drugs sounds like a scam to me.

Be careful with regard to selling vitamins and nutritional supplements in Taiwan. There’s some interesting things that I discovered when researching why vitamins are so expensive here. Taiwan is not as liberal as the US in what items may be sold, whereas in the US most natural supplements are allowed unless specifically prohibited. There are different labeling requirements, and vitamins and supplements must actually be proven to improve one’s health. If they have medicinal effects there are separate regulations to go through. You almost certainly will need to comply with labeling standards and probably need to apply for approval of some kind. You can see the following report from USDA and AIT for more info:


[Updated: link changed to 2003 report]