Taiwan coffee and teas from small farms in Kaoshuing, London and other cities

Support small farmers, some links in Southern Taiwan and London (I will try add more links)
In Kaoshuing non urban area:
Tea Gardens and Hot Springs in Kaohsiung’s Countryside | 雜誌 | 聯合新聞網 (udn.com)

London tea shop with small farm Taiwan tea:

France ( laïzé opera Paris)

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The small farm thing.has always been.common in taiwan. Now its become super fashionable and auite expensive. I hope more farmers/producers are seeing the money from the massive marketing inflation we are experiencing recently.

Coffee has certainly become a pretty hot thing thisbdecade here, seems to be slowly running out of steam though as far as the production side and craft/artisan style manufacturers. Probably will continue along a is, with new cool ones poppin up here and there.

The aboriginal marketing seems all the rage currently. And mail order meals due to the virus.



Summer Miaoli Oolong – Postcard Teas – London’s Finest Tea Store

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£46 for 100g. At 5g per pot, roughly £2.50 per pot of tea.

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Maybe a good export market for high end teas

Its pretty over saturated as is. I wouldnt get into exporting teas without some really solid experience and a very good buisness plan.

This applies to any business. Learn and have a good plan.

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Very true. Except tea is a very old industries with very large established players. Harder to innovate i would think as a small guy. But respect to anyone that tries!

Maybe , but very difficult. The Taiwanese really know their tea. I have a brother in law who could tell you 50 different kinds of tea; especially green teas, who could do that in the UK? And he is just a Taiwanese cop, not in the tea business. It would be tough to market.

Well maybe so, but with people paying more for high end coffee and tea, market is different than a few years ago


you could be right