Taiwan crawfish farmer invited to NK to chat farming

Pretty interesting. But I didn’t know that there was crawfish here. Where can I eat it? Has anyone seen it in taipei?

I’m not sure where you can find it, but, North Korea does have a history of kidnapping people they invite. That’s one I’d politely decline.

his family and friends begged him not to go, but he went and got back fine.

It’s mostly illegal to farm it in Taiwan

It’s been infected with an unknown first time never seen before in the species or world disease after being introduced into Taiwan http://focustaiwan.tw/news/asoc/201402250031.aspx

And it’s mostly raised (illicitly) in Changhua City, Touwu Township, Gongguan Township and Ligang Township. Which are places with huge amounts of air, land, water pollution.


Taiwan is a “fishless island” anyway according to the Fisheries Agency. Most seafood is imported. There is no local unique seafood anywhere in Taiwan except Penghu.
Taiwan the "fishless" island