Taiwan Digital COVID-19 Certificate - Discussion

No, my point is that I think that 6 month waiting period has now been removed, even without an employer, under that law that was introduced toward the end of last year.

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Oh I must have missed that change. So actually now I can or I have to apply for NHI? I am not fully sure I actually want to. If I stay again less than 6 months that way I may get into more trouble with double taxation. Taiwan and Cyprus have no treaty AFAIK so I want to avoid paying taxes twice.

I’m not sure about that. I think it’s the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals and there’s a separate thread about it. It’s generally been discussed as making NHI available for self-employed foreigners who want NHI, but it was never clear to me whether it was actually optional for those who don’t.

I don’t think it should affect tax obligations though - Taiwan is pretty clear on wanting tax from anyone who stays more than 90 days in a year (non-resident rate = bad) or 183 days in a year (resident rate = ok).

Even if you can’t take the booster in Taiwan, you should be able to go back home and have it there. The EU COVID pass is valid for 9 or 12 months (not sure about which one of the two) from the last vaccination, so if you are within this time frame with the second dose you will be fine.

Most countries shortened it to 6 or 7 months - yes I could get home but would need to quarantine on arrival. So that would be quite avoidable (my second shot was early June)

May I ask which country is home for you? There is no compulsory quarantine in Italy for vaccinated (two doses) returning citizens.

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my flight goes back to Austria via Istanbul. But then I would likely soon go to Cyprus, maybe I drop out of the flight in Istanbul however and catch a local flight to Northern Cyprus (there are no direct flights between southern Cyprus and Turkey - but as a citizen you can cross over). Austria considers you unvaxxed if certificate older than 7 months starting 01. February. Cyprus is similar. Maybe PCR test as alternative is possible to - but that is even worse to get in Taiwan I guess.

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I have all 3 shots but I was vaccinated in the USA and have US CDC’s vaccine certificate. Can I just use this as proof of fully vaccinated or do I need to do something to get registered and get TW’s digital vaccination certificate? I need this to go to the gym.

You can. I have a CDC certificate and an Ontario certificate and they are recognised.

Many places will even just accept a photo on your phone.


Thank you. I just want to make sure.

Where are you being asked to show your vaccine certificate? Nobody has ever asked to see mine. Gym?

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I’ve gone swimming at Songshan Sports Center and Xizhi Sports Center in the last few days and was not asked to provide proof of vaccination. What’s up with the gyms? I’m walking around, stretching, swimming, and heading in and out of the sauna all maskless. How is it that the gym is deemed more of a risk?


Kaohsiung bars

I was wondering the same. When pools first reopened, many of us were trying to keep our masks on when walking around because that’s what the rules seemed to say, but fortunately that was quickly abandoned (putting a mask on right after showering, or right after emerging from the pool, doesn’t work well). In the pool I go to, I haven’t noticed any change in the past couple of weeks.

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I was also asked a bar in Tainan (couple months ago)

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Had a massage and went to the gym recently and was asked for triple vax proof. Had my QR code but no one knew had to scan it so it seems pointless.

Taiwan, 2022

Even after not being able to scan, did they let you in?

Yes, it said in tiny letters ‘Dose 3/3’.

I had my NHI card with stickers as a back up in case they refused it.