Taiwan Digital COVID-19 Certificate - Discussion

It’s food for drunk (or hungover) people.

At least that’s what I’ve heard.


That’s what I’d always assumed. But as I said, now I’m reassessing everything: these “special” (nudge nudge) “services” (wink wink) are far more widespread than I realized.

(In case it’s not clear to some readers, I am joking. Mostly.)



I must admit to being lazy and using Google translate the first time around. Looking at the Chinese makes it clear that vax passports are only required where the diseases being spread are not respiratory viruses.

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Let’s try using this thread for general discussion, and this one for specifics about rules etc.


is this the same one we got e-mailed to us? it looks the same to me.

At this point, if you can’t figure it out, it would take some cajones to ask for help. Buying rubbers as a teen type of guts.

Does anyone actually think that these establishments and punters are actually going follow the rules? I mean Who is going to sign in/give over their yellow card with their real name on it?

Clubs and bars, ok.

These other places, I doubt it.



The same way as QR Code checkins are done i guess.

Some surprise checks, name and shame a few places, with their customers treated as close contacts, property gets a ‘deep cleansing’ - and the rest will suddenly fall into line.

im going to go with…they won’t because in Taiwan there are these “rules” but nobody gives. shit. In buxiban you need to keep a window open, but they don’t give a shit and cram 20 kids into a small room with no windows. The inspectors are a laughing stock. The police can barely keep track of people driving straight through an intersection by passing 3 red lights. Nobody gives a shit.

For COVID or was it always like that?

for covid, you need to keep a window open or at least have a window in the classroom that can be kept open.

Yes proper ventilation is a good idea. Fresh air will not magically kill the virus but it will keep it moving, which helps.


We have our digital certificate here in Calif

And you need to show it or the paper version to sit inside cafes or go to concerts or movie theatres anything that’s indoors

So yes if you are not vaccinated you have many restrictions here in Calif

I suppose I should go get my booster shot

Digital is nice it’s on your phone so it’s easy to show

I don’t know if I can get a digital passport. I had one shot in Taiwan and one in the US.
Is it ok to show my actual certificates? Something tells me this will be like the qr code thing.

So there are many special girls you say ??

They better be vaccinated

There aren’t any vaccines for that stuff. Keep it in your pants or roll the dice.

Makes me laugh that they’re mandating COVID vaccines for “venues” where COVID is the least of your worries.


The Calif ones have a QR code but nobody has the machines to read them but no fear it also has your full name on it as well as the dates of your two required vaccinations and one is supposed to show that as well as your ID because you could give the pic of your certificate to anyone but not legally

Oh if you have J J then just the date of your one jab

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Well you could get a booster In either place ?