Taiwan Drinking Water Quality ?


Can someone explain to me the quality of the drinking water here in Taiwan, as compared with the U.S. or Japan. I am concerned since I will stay here an extended period of time.

Does Taiwan drinking water have: CHLORINE ? FLOURIDE ? Or other elements in High amounts ? I do not use Plastic Bottles of drinking water since they contain large amounts of BPA. Should I invest in a REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS, if Taiwan does contain CHLORINE, FLOURIDE and other elements and possible contaminants ?



Try doing a search for “drinking water”: there are a bunch of threads that go into this topic.


They now fluoridate their salt, as far as water, no fluoride.


I use a water distiller to distill the tap water for drinking. I think it tastes much better.


Thanks for your replies, I have available a RO reverse osmosis kitchen sink water system from the U.S. and can someone mention if this will FIT under the sink in a TAIWAN kitchen sink ? The system is from Aquasana, or one of the other U.S. water filtration companies, and wonder if it will fit in Taiwan or maybe they could put on an Adapter ? thanks