Taiwan driver saftey video

The video is kinda hard to follow at first. But you’ll get the gist of it quick enough.




What he said… :roflmao:

HA! The funny thing is, we’ve all seen all of those idiotic “YES” manouvers performed in Taiwan.

Funny. :bravo: :laughing:

Can’t see anything. I hate these stupid shockwave streams that don’t work.

And the “NO” manoevers too… :grrr:

Go to “Tools” then “Internet Options” then erase your temp files and cookies…this will mean you’ll have to re-log in to forums…but it might free up a gig or two on your comp. Then try it again…if it still doesn’t work then you should probably check if you can play any flash things…if not then go to advanced options and enable them.

Go to “Tools” then “Internet Options”[/quote]Using Firefox :wink:

OK now, it was a router issue. Funny stuff, but don’t show that to any Taiwanese. You know they don’t understand sarcasm. :wink:


Top stuff!..

That 5,000 years of history certainly hasn’t helped these people get a handle on driving.


[quote]Car crashes as Chinese woman gives dog driving lessons

Chinese state media says a Chinese woman’s attempt to teach her dog how to drive proved a costly error, as her car crashed into an oncoming vehicle.

Xinhua news agency reports no one - including the dog - was injured, but both vehicles were slightly damaged.

Xinhua says the accident happened recently in the city of Hohhot, capital of north China’s Inner Mongolia region.

The woman, surnamed Li, had noticed how fond the dog was of crouching on the wheel, and thought it should have a go at steering the car.

She herself operated the accelerator and the brake.


smart dog: probably thought it would be safer when she’s out of the gene-pool.
sadly didn’t work.

Huang Guang Chen: you beat me to it.

theregister.co.uk/2006/08/29 … car_crash/

you could say “only in China” but i just know in my bones that it has happened here too…

the guy has more fun stuff on his sleave



Don’t blame the dog for the acident.

He’s probartly a far bether driver than he’s two leged countrymen will ever be

[quote=“Stian”]Don’t blame the dog for the acident.

He’s probartly a far bether driver than he’s two leged countrymen will ever be[/quote]Funny you should say that, but I was wondering why the human didn’t get off the gas and onto the brakes if she didn’t like the direction the dog wanted to drive in? She was the one with her feet on the pedals after all… :idunno: