Taiwan Driver's License & ARC Duration

I got my motorcyle driver’s licence back in 1997. They entered only my Chinese name into the system and gave me a 6-year period to expiration … I am not a Taiwanese citizen, nor do I look like it. They briefly glanced at my ARC and passport. I only had an ARC for a one-year period.

Now I have some friends who are saying that they must enter English names for foreigners and that the expiration of the ARC is tied to the expiration of the driver’s licence.

Did the law really change? Or is it just the transportation department’s new rule? That would really suck if I had to deal with that every year instead of every six years.

I’m just currious. I’d like to know what to tell friends in the future, and I can’t find any other reference to this topic in this forum.

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Please refer to my comments at