Taiwan Drug Busts

That must be like one gram in Taiwanese police math.


Reminds me of the Zydeco grooves of Boozoo Chavis.

Maybe being on forumosa doesnt normally stop the papers printing the names of foreigners.

Nor should it. It’s public information just as are the court cases which can be found online.

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Defamation is a one way street…

Do they usually publish the full names for court cases, or just the surnames? When I’ve read English news articles, it’s typically been something like “an individual surnamed Lin” rather than the full name. That style of anonymization is obviously going to be less anonymous for many foreigners living here.

Because they don’t really take into account foreigners.

Lin is an extremely common surname in Taiwan and China, so saying an individual with the surname of Lin is like saying “an individual whose last name is Smith”. At least a million people in Taipei alone fits that description.

Also the 3 character name used by Taiwanese and Chinese means that several people likely share the name.

That was exactly my point TL. It’s why I chose the surname Lin in the example I gave.

There’s no need for you to explain this very basic stuff that everybody already knows. As explained to you yesterday, more often than not it comes across as patronizing (even if you don’t intend it as such). Everyone here is an adult, and most of us have at least half of a brain.


On top of that, the videos and descriptions of life is what irks me. Granted some have masks or scooter helmets…but that’s a farce. Talking about job position, surname, location and video with 98% of the body identifiable is what I have issue with.

Proven til guilty.

It’s why I call it defamation.

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I did wonder about that yesterday when I saw the photo in the article — the motorbike helmet with… what appears to be tape over the visor? :laughing:

I was kind of curious whether the police supply this helmet as some kind of official accessory for prisoner transport, or if the wearer needs to make/bring their own. It certainly looks pretty amateurish for a developed country though. Can’t they just provide a hood or something?

The government shouldn’t be parading people in front of the media until after their sentencing. It should be the same style of defamation they claim for lesser issues. I would love to see people try to sue the police/government for ruining their reputations before they have been found guilty.

But if they are going to ruin people’s lives without 2 fucks given, I suspect a Helmet is better than a hood. It provides protection for the the person in hand cuffs behind held against their will. Less an issue for possible drug users, more an issue for rape, murder, theft etc that someone is going to follow and try and mess that person up. Especially an issue for innocent people wrongly accused.

None of these places have back doors? Take them out the back door and straight into a vehicle.

And stop tipping off the media.

The helmets are for preventing suicide attempts. I was told before some prisoners would try ramming their heads into the walls.

Full names.

Media around the world publish names and photos of people charged with crimes many who have charges dropped or are found not guilty in court.

2 wrongs don’t make a right.

Taiwan has defamation laws. I say sue the assholes. But there are almost surely [legal] exceptions for both media and government to ruin ones reputation prior to being charged and found guilty.

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Authorities have busted an illegal tobacco cigarette factory in Nantou County operating an orchard as a front to import low-grade tobacco, supposedly for use as fertilizer.