Taiwan Drug Busts

Ya, true. It still is. But now you lose your home, family and fortune for having it anywhere near you. meanwhile a deadly toxic narcotic with no industrial use outside if killing animals (human and economical pests) is A OK.


Can’t wait for other mind altering substances such as music and schools to be made illegal and heavily punished by physical torture. Trafficking bibles over 1kg, punishable by death! Let’s go Singapore!!!

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320 kg of ketamine has estimated street value of NT$600 million bound for Taiwan.

Taiwanese need their drugs.


NT$3.5 billion (US$108 million) of marijuana




Update about this case

An Australian mother-of-five could face the death penalty in Taiwan after 7kg of cocaine and heroin were allegedly discovered in her suitcase.

Debbie Voulgaris, 57, was arrested at Taoyuan International Airport in December after the drugs were allegedly found in black plastic bags inside her luggage.

Taiwanese police allege she initially ‘vehemently denied’ she had known about the drugs and before later claiming her ex-husband John was behind the scheme.

Ms Voulgaris lawyer Leon Huang said it was ‘essential’ her ex took the stand as he was the only person who can confirm her claims.

They allege Voulgaris was handed the category one drugs in Malaysia around December 10 before she flew to Taiwan, theABC reported.

They allege the Aussie mum was paid $US1,800 (AUD$2,700) to take the drugs in addition to her accommodation and transport costs.

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I think every now and then Taiwan should execute a white foreign drug mule just to keep everyone on their toes. Just like Thailand.



“That night at Besi. the eight men and one woman — now the walking dead — had Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.”

Yip, turn her into Vegemite! :clown_face:

Very cheesy

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Zombie drug even in Taiwan.

There are so many drug busts in Taiwan that it could be it full-time job for multiple people just reading the news stories and translating to English.

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Whoopsie daisy.
Double bust.
Drugs and overstay visa to work illegally.


Police arrested a German bartender for possessing marijuana cookies among other forms of cannabis and related paraphernalia on June 1 in New Taipei’s Tamsui.

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Triple busy. Drugs, illegal work, overstay

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Was it an Ossie or a Wessie?


A trifecta of trouble!

People, even on this site, used to never listen to me saying how rampant drug use is here. Even argue against it. Watch it become more obvious as the elderly die off.

Anyway, what they catch isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Imagine a hundred tones of meth a year being made and not used. Right…

The only positive about the issue in Taiwan is its extremely pure relatively. Especially the chemical stuff. Raegent grade is mail order to make the stuff. Taiwans saving grace, outside of family culture here enabling the far gone and lost so they aren’t a menace on society.

Meanwhile the precursors, chems, tobacco, alcohol etc are not only legal but government sponsored or even government owned and operated. Gotta love hypocrisy at an industrial, governmental and societal level!



I have no idea what this means. What language are we writing in today?

Lemme try, he be saying:

Yo! Taahwas savahng grace, outsahde of mah peeps culture here enablahng da far gone a’ lost so day isn’t a menace on socahety. Slap mah fro!

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