Taiwan Drug Busts

Now is the time to take note if any regular forumosa posters mysteriously disappear. :thinking:


This may help explain a lot of the crazy driving we see out there on the nation’s roads.

Speaking of mysterious disappearances, has anyone heard from @Andrew0409 recently?


He daren’t post now that his GFs posting here.


He’s got more than one? That could get tricky.


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Taiwanese ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’?! :laughing:

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This would be enough of the drug for 3 million customers, according to local media reports.

Or three tweekers with a week off?

That’s a lot.

That is a lot! Taiwan used to be a famous transhipment point, especially Kaohsiung
I suspect they import the raw materials from those countries also and then manufacture amphetamines in more remote places like Pingdong.
I wonder how many synthetics are being shipped

I was just watching ‘Dope’ on Netflix.

That’s the size of one shipment of cocaine out of Colombia.

Not suggesting any link between the countries, just mention it as over 8 months 5 tonnes seems not a huge quantity by comparison.

This is just the stuff they are intercepting.
Agree though don’t know if it’s a lot of not on the grand scale of things .

The article mentions heroin but not fentanyl, if that stuff starts coming in then the problems really start.

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it’s significant for such a small market.

In anti-drug operations conducted from July 22 to Aug. 5, personnel from the six local agencies seized 2,571kg (5000lbs) of illegal drugs and raided 13 drug manufacturing plants.

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This one still blows my mind.
Meth valued at US$ $204,360,000

The Criminal Investigation Bureau said that the seized materials can produce more than three tons of methamphetamine, with an estimated value of NT$6 billion (US$0.2 billion)

It blew my mind too :slight_smile:

6000lbs x US street value of $3000/lb = 18M USD

Not sure what the Asia street price is for meth but just used the US street price from the first google match I could find. Valuation seems way off…

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