Taiwan Drug Busts

They scan the bags before the bags even reach the baggage pickup area.

scanned two suitcases from Toronto, Canada, through an X-ray machine at Terminal 2 and tagged them as suspicious, reported Liberty Times. When their Canadian owner picked up his bags and walked towards customs, he was stopped by officers,

Are you surprised he is Canadian? This guy honestly thought he could pull it off?

I am not surprised at all. :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::canada:

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Is he gonna get the death penalty? I know nothing about Taiwanese drug laws.

I used to LOVE weed. Back in college my favorite thing was to break out the pipe and listen to either The Man Who Sold the World or Miles in the Sky. Now I have a lot of trouble working up any enthusiasm over it. I like the smell, but that’s about it.

Also don’t get the lengths some people go to to bring it in. Doesn’t seem like it’s worth the trouble.

No, that’s reserved for type I type drugs like heroin. My guess is they don’t want to house the guy for the rest of his life but will give a stiff sentence, something like 5 to 10 years.

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I believe there’s no way no one at the Toronto airport noticed 30kg of drugs. I think that what happened is the folks who check the X-ray machine were like:“lmao look at this dumbtard, let’s just let him through and see what happens after he lands”.
Maybe they also have a betting system in place for this events, with over/under of being caught, the penalty amount etc.


Is anyone else surprised the “Canadian” man hasn’t had his name published? We’re usually enlightened a lot more about who these dipshits are.

Suitcases or coffins? How big were the f’ing suitcases?

Maybe because he just landed here. If he was a resident there would be name, address, job location etc etc

“Canadian” denotes certain characteristics. I can’t imagine a “loser in his own country hobo sexpat English ‘teacher’” stereotype would be so audacious as to bring two coffins filled with stinky shit and believe he wouldn’t be questioned at the gates.

YEha, maybe its a Taiwanese dude with a canadian passport?
If so he is not dumb , he is dumber

This had to be a botched operation and/or someone turned on him. Nobody could possibly think they could get away with that

You would think !! They have drug sniffing beagles at the airport ferrcrhissake. Heck that much maryjane and anyone can smell that.
Anyone used google to check out taiwan airport security?

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Why are they calling it cannabis flowers? I’ve never seen cannabis flower.

Maybe they meant flour.

I read somewhere he was black.

you can’t wait that long :smile:

5-10 years in the joint seems slim. But to be blunt, why would someone take such a dumb risk? Hope he finds some cell buds quick, has a roach free cell and not shacked up with someone who’s on the skunky side of hygiene. :wink:

I see what you did there…and there, and there and there. :sunglasses:


5 to 10 in The JOINT she says

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