Taiwan for 1 Year - Public School?


do you mean public elementary school and attached kindergarten?

Public kindergarten might be harder than elementary school to put your kid in, depending on school districts. You might end up to put your younger in a private kinder.

If your kids are in Chinese immersion school now, they may not need a CSL program.


Yes, that’s the school that I want to send our kids to actually. I have heard lots about the program and that’s actually the area that we want to live in. I used to teach English there over a decade ago.


My kids are both very outgoing - especially my 5 year old. She will talk to anyone that engages her. We don’t plan on staying more than a year so I don’t have to think about middle school there. We are hoping the one year in Taiwan will further solidify her Mandarin and have her experience another cultural (which is itself educational).



@Bimmerjeff can you share the enrollment process? Would really love to get the process started for my kids. Thank you!



If you read Chinese,

"1. 派外人員及僑生來臺就讀國小,如何申請?可以進額滿學校嗎?


2. 自國外回來之外國籍學童,應如何申請就讀公立國小,要到那裡辦理?



Go to the military, it’ll be fun!


We visited Xinsheng in person and spoke with an administrator, sorry I don’t have her name, but she speaks decent English (probably why they referred us to her via phone). Anyway, she showed us a form (in Chinese), which we were told is available at all other Taipei schools as well just ask. I think someone posted a link to this in another thread here, search “Xinsheng”. You first must enroll your child at your local school, assigned to your apartment. Then, ask for this form and complete it to transfer your child to the 2-year “CSL” program at Xinsheng. Do this early, as they only allow I believe 20 CSL spots to foreigners. She said that 1-2nd grade is normally not full, but 3rd+ can fill up at times. I didn’t ask if an ARC is required before enrolling, or if foreigners can use the child’s passport. I’ve seen comments on both sides of this issue on the forum but forgot to ask her doh! Hope this helps.


@p0key - I know it’s been 10+ years since you taught at Xinsheng, but do you have any comments good or bad about the school environment there? My first impression was not as good as I had hoped given the school’s appartent status in Taipei. It seemed to be poorly maintained, facility-wise. The admin we dealt with was nice and helpful though.


just a note. Iirc, to go by this root, kids should take a test to show their poor mandarin skills. Kids in immersion programs might not pass the test.