Taiwan from above director dies in helicopter crash


3 dead. Helicopter crashed in Hualien. Respect.


Sad ! Helicopters seem to be quite unsafe on the whole.
My Dad was never convinced they could actually fly.

Can’t read the mando, was he filming a new documentary?


Yes :confused:


here we go. English


I feel like he could be killed by one of those polluting crap construction companies for revealing their despicable antics.

May him and the two on the helicopter rest in peace. Good people die young while piece of shit scums live till their 90s. That is especially true in Taiwan.


The accident was horrible. The pictures are really shocking.


noooooooo… :frowning:

That documentary is so touching… it’s very special to me.

@Gain don’t get me wrong, but you’re being paranoid.


I’m not. It’s possible.


Yeah, everything is possible, but this is not really likely to happen. when you make assertions like that one, you have to think of the implications of that conspirancy in terms of people involved, effort, plan feasibility, how easy it could be revealed, etc…

It doesn’t make sense. Posible? yeah. Odds? It’s just you suspecting about people (who are motherfuckers who only care about money, yes I know)


Such a tragedy… RIP


Can I see those pictures?


Not just you thought about it. It has mentioned by locals, too. One in particular said:
Anyways, real loss to Taiwan as role model for younger generation.


Well I am a local.


I wonder if it was a mechanical error or an operator error.


The new movie had a more international outlook:


Terrible news. Absolutely terrible… The question to ask now is… Who is able to follow his path? Stuck in our own boxes, who can awake and film and report? Maybe this movie woke you up, but two years after, it is already forgotten, … who cares? and this man is/was hated by industrial, businessmen, salarymen, simply said… his country. Who really cares? Tomorrow, our breakfast, lunch, and dinner boxes will still be in plastic package, and … really… who cares?


Why was he so hated? I haven’t been following.


i don’t believe conspuracy theory, just a terrible LOSS for Taiwan.


He took his movie to schools, universities and communities across the Island. Overseas communities also became aware of the issues in Taiwan because of him sharing the film. In summary, the seed was spread in the wind, hopefully it will find good soil.


The Bell helicopter he was in is a good workhorse and favored by news crews
But helicopters have all sorts of issues and require great maintenance and even so often suffer catastrophic failure…says my good friend who was a crew chief on one for many years in the marines

This may very well have been what happened here