Taiwan from the air - HD

Nice vid i came across of taiwan from the air in HD.

Bet you’all recognize all em places.


I was watching an info-commerce yesterday on one of the MOD HD channels.
As the place filmed (with those special cams collapsing time) was so gorgeous I asked my wife to tell me where it was. Hualien she said.
Now, Hualien is big (in area) thus I am looking for that exact spot they showed.
It has a viewing point (kind of pagoda in wood I think) overlooking a not so deep valey and it seems like the fog / clouds are pushed and pulled out of the sea, creating a thin horizontal curtain over that piece of land. Simply wonderful.
Anyone any idea? Thanks upfront

I didn’t see the commercial, but was it by the beach? I know Baqi (花蓮芭崎) lookout is often featured. So is 60 Stone Mountain (花蓮六十石山) in Yuli, Hualien County. Maybe google these names and see if the images match what you saw.

The National Taiwan Science Education Center in Shilin currently has an exhibit “Our Land Our Story” by the National Taiwan Science Education Center, Taiwan Aerial Imaging, and Delta Electronics Foundation. The video is about ten minutes long and there are two levels of further images, interactive materials, and equipment from the flights. It runs till Nov. 30th.

From my blog:


More info on the museum’s site:

Thanks - will check them out!