Taiwan gets nukes from the US


The Air Force disciplined 15 senior officers, including six generals and nine colonels, for their roles in the mistaken shipment of nuclear weapons components to Taiwan, Air Force officials announced Thursday.[/quote]
Oh so close, we almost could have been a Dr. StrangeLove in the making… :roflmao:

Title should read “Taiwan doesn’t get nukes from the US”

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Boy, this is so OLD news.

And we do have a thread on that subject already …

And by “links” he means “posts” and by “unclickable” he means “rubbish.”

he needs to be creating threads here, otherwise he cannot cash in. There is a minimum amount of words he needs to input in the TP forum for the check to come in…

ac is here purely for the comedic effect…and that ain’t much.

Wasn’t it just parts? and not even that much of important parts.
No big deal in my opinion, mistakes happen all the time.

We tend to be holistic around here.