Taiwan Goods and Products


When traveling I like to try and be mindful of how I spend my money eg make sure my money goes to help stimulate the local economy as such I would like to know where I can purchase The following:

  • Taiwan Basketball National team clothing (jerseys t-shirts)
  • SBL Basketball singlets
  • Taiwan made watches ( open to low -high end )
  • Taiwan men’s suits and accessories
  • electronics products made by taiwanese start ups or small - medium sized companies.

If there are any particular local brands please let me know!

The main caveat to the above is that the products should be designed in Taiwan and made in Taiwan ( if possible of course )

Many thanks!

Textiles are easier to believe the label of made in taiwan.

But things with many components (like electronics) you wont know unless you make an effort to have a relationship with the company and learn. Might take a year. So that will be VERY difficult to find as a tourist and wont likely be possible asking a forum. But maybe if you got ultra specific and someone in the industry happens upon your post…possible.

I as well try VERY hard to buy non chinese and if possible taiwanese. But say a watch has 100 things from 15 countries. Very hard.

Closed loop industry exists but isnt comon.

Thanks for the reply! Any brand recommendations?