Taiwan government scholarship

Hello everyone~!
I’m new to forum. I’ve been accepted into NCTU, EMBA for fall semester 2009.
Meanwhile, I’ve applied for Taiwan government scholarship and am currently under selection process.
I was wondering how competitive to get awarded Taiwan scholarship.
I don’t know any Chinese, so is there any chance to get selected?
Thank you very much~!!!
I’m looking forward to your kind reply :slight_smile:

I’ve got one of them, but for an Undergrad programme.

It really depends on what country you’re applying in, and what language your programme is in…

If you’re a native English speaker you get them pretty much automatically. I think it’s government policy.

It depends on the merits of your credentials as well as the number of applicants from where you are applying from. I really wonder where are you applying from as most of the Taipei representative offices around the world has announced the scholars already.

I am awarded a scholarship to start also in September 2009. Good luck to you.

Do you know about the selection procedure?

I know nothing about the selection procedure. But in the guidelines, it says there that selection priority will be given to those who have been admitted by a university. Since you already have an offer, you also have the priority. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: