Taiwan has only 4,500 legal foreign teachers and other interesting facts

According to this always interesting blog


There were only about 4,500 foreign teachers legally registered in Taiwan last year. And even though “everyone knows” that it’s getting harder to find a teaching position, the number hasn’t increased drastically in the last ten years, so it must be a drop in demand rather than an increase in supply.

There’s some other interesting stuff in there, too. Recommended read.

It’s also a kind of depressing outlook for those of us who have been hoping to find jobs in Taiwan outside of teaching.

I couldn’t believe the numbers, but it looks like they are correct.

iff.immigration.gov.tw/ct.asp?xI … 26&mp=T002

Jeesh! I probably know over 10% of the Brits in Taiwan, and all the saffers :laughing: .

Interesting that in 2005 there were more Canadian teachers than American, but now there are three times as many Americans.

So that why we have had so many requests for miller lite, grits and beef jerky lately and the ‘where’s the sour cream’ refrain had died a death.

I am also very sure that the number of people teaching here with JFRC and APRC has increased a lot.

Sure, are they in the figures, perhaps as ‘other’? If you don’t have a work permit I’ve a feeling they may lump you into ‘other’.

My home country isn’t even listed there, I estimate there are only about 50-100 mx of us in all Taiwan. There must be up to a thousand in HK and Singapore and Shanghai each though,

mykafkaesquelife.blogspot.tw/201 … aiwan.html

Jesus Christ, there are only 106 other Canadians doing business in Taiwan?

Fuck me!

The other thing one needs to be aware of us is dual nationals, especially with regards to the American figures and to a certain extent with Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I’m not sure how or if they account for this.

Typical of the KMT govt to classify Chinese as non-foreign.

It’s interesting to the see the breakdown, what would also be very interesting is a breakdown in terms of areas of residence.

Well the ROC constitution says… :smiley:

iff.immigration.gov.tw/ct.asp?xI … 26&mp=T002

Okay, whose the other Irishman in Miaoli County, it’s party time :astonished: .


Okay, whose the other Irishman in Miaoli County, it’s party time :astonished: .[/quote]
Is that Northern Irish or Eire?
I have to announce a new Project in Miaoli ,next week. Maybe spending a lot of time there soon. I will bring you a Guiness or two. Please apologise to your better half,regarding the excessive flatulence issue ,that this will cause. :slight_smile:

Well Ireland as we like to call it :slight_smile:.

My Hukou is in Miaoli and I’m mainly based in Taichung, Miaoli the odd weekend, so actually that other guy may be a one man Miaoli band most of the time.

But I will gratefully accept Guinness anywhere or any place at pretty much anytime.