Taiwan has revealed its own highly realistic meat alternative

I guess that means chewy with chunks of cartilage, ligaments and tough fat that’s nearly impossible to chew.

Lots of controversy on the healthiness of all these new fake meats. Processed food, additives, salt, etc. are not healthy even if vegetarian.

Having lived here for some time , I was tempted to place italics around the “realistic” in the title :pensive:


Just go to any vegetarian restaurant and you’ll see ‘realistic’ fish, shellfish, shrimp, meat, chicken …


I still don’t get why vegetarians try to make vegetables look/taste like meat products.


Because it gets boring when it just looks like veggies?

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Gluten and soy bean - not really an original recipe they have there. :confused:

Some acquaintances of ours’ parents run one of the mock meat factories in Taiwan. At one point during our morning tea they lent over and gave a wink/nudge, and at such a point in our conversation that this was an obvious allusion to how artificial and potentially harmful the stuff was, said, “it’s good but…don’t eat too much of it.”


Reminded me of one of the “techniques” Taiwan uses to make the meat “tastier”

Most processed foods are not that healthy and it goes for meat alternatives too, even gluten free foods are heavily processed.

Put BBQ sauce?

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Maybe that guy who really wanted to eat wild snails would be interested.

One would wish…
They inject some kind of solution the increase the thickness of the meat. :nauseated_face:

Many meat companies inject (brine) or water into meat to give it more ‘volume’, weight and/or flavor. Highly profitable!



Hell no!


Volume means more weight which in turn gives more profit. Brine is salt/sugar (sometimes herbs) mixture that gives flavor to your meat.

They like meat, just not where it comes from.