Taiwan: Haven for dodgy cryptocurrency dealers?

Anybody else notice Taiwan has attracted a fair few dodgy cryptocurrency dealers and scammers?

They seem to be using taiwans lack of integration, lax financial rules and lax immigration checks as a convenient base to operate from.

The amount of money involved is staggering!

One group just bust up spectacular on Facebook last week or so. They were launching a new coin (ICO) which would be traded on their own social media site. Basically I see these as no better than pyramid schemes and a means to get valuable bitcoins and USD off naieve people.

There’s another group that has supposedly taken in 100s of millions of dollars .
What they do is they claim that when you give them a coin they will back it with the same value 1-to-1 in USD.
They do not provide any details of independently audited financial accounts.
This is the biggest scam I have heard of.
They are not legally registered either , it seems they were originally based in HK and moved operations to Taiwan and got blocked from moving money into and out of Taiwan a couple of months ago.

It seems these guys are basically operating out of laptops with not even legally incorporated entities , names or even telephones numbers in many cases!