Taiwan hospital/clinic for foreigners


I am a foreigner with an ARC.
I am wondering if you have some hospital to advise to have a blood test and an ultrasound screening for pregnancy. Can we take an appointement the same day of the consulatation ? Are there some doctors who speak English in Taipei ?

Thank you in advance !

You need an Obstetrician not just any doctor or clinic.

What do mean for foreigners, you mean an English speaking one?

Taiwan isn’t huge but it would probably help to know where in Taiwan you are.

most hospital doctors speak decent to good english from the local hospitals I’ve been to over the past two decades.
where you at?

Decent isn’t probably something you want while giving birth lol. Sounds terrifying to try to give birth or have some kind of surgery when you don’t know 100% what’s going on.

OP is asking.
I think Adventist is the most popular hospital.

Go to Adventist Hospital obgyn ward

true. but i’ve found the doctors i’ve been to, at least 20 or more over the years, always knew how to explain things in english to me.

OP not even said what city for a hospital.

plenty. even in the smaller government hospitals i’ve been to, the doctors spoke English.

Thank you, I live in Hsinchu but I can commute easily in Taipei.
I ve just send a request for an appointement to adventist hospital.

The thing is I am not sure about my pregnancy but I want to figure out what happening to me.

even in native languages, many people don’t know 100%…

Please note Adventist has two kinds od service:

  1. Normal NHI covered. About 300 to 600 NTD per visit

  2. Priority Care Center about 10 thousand NTD per visit

You choose which one you prefer.

Most doctors speak pretty decent to good English as they must write charts in English and quite a few have studied/practiced abroad.

Good luck and hope you get good news. Do not hesitate to ask further questions.

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I have an international insurance.
What is the difference between these 2 services ?

hey girl i got ALL of that stuff done at mackay memorial hospital in tamsui (at the zhuwei mrt station at the far end of the red line). they also have a location in Taipei proper, i believe near Zongshan 中山.

they have a way to make an appointment through their website. the way OBGYN works is, there are open times to meet with a doctor morning/afternoon/evening called “clinics” (for example the afternoon clinic is from 2:30-4:30), you select a timeslot and your doctor, you can even click on the doctors names to see their qualifications and if they speak English!

i believe mackay is a canadian hospital started with the idea of serving foreigners in mind.

the services were quite cheap, ultrasound and meeting the doctor was about 30USD and to get labwork done was the same price.

Same day available when i did it.

Registration at the hospital for first-timers is a little tricky, but Taiwanese are so eager to be helpful im sure youll be fine. After the first time you register you can go straight away to your clinic. I recommend printing your appointment receipt to show someone when you arrive.

also, dont forget to pull a ticket number for service at all points in the hospital. i forgot once and stayed til the end of the clinic sitting there like a goof thinking that the nurse had registered me.

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Oh thanks!
Can I have the result of the blood test and ultrasound the same day of the appointement then ? It sounds very afforable for the price.

mackay has a branch in Hsinchu too.

I’d try there before going to Taipei. I prefer a closer hospital for childbirth.

Most hospitals in Taiwan work in a way @humantooth posted.


Just go to Mackay hospital on Guangfu Rd in Hsinchu. Everyone speaks English there. Don’t make a big deal out of this.

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Beta HCG tests results are given in about 40min, that’s how long you will need to wait to confirm if you are prego or not.
Mackay in Hsinchu, doctors speak English, no big deal.