Taiwan Hospitals?


I’m a Canadian medical student that will be in taiwan for 1 month doing a clinical experience exchange in a university affiliated hospital.

There are 5 cities I have the possiblity of going to: Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaoshiung, and Hualien.

Here is the list of universities:


1)National Taiwan University
2)Yang Ming University
3)Taipei Medical University
4)National Defence Medicine Center
5)Chang Gung University


1)Chung Shan Medical University
2)China Medical University(CMU)
3)China Medical University(CMUC)


National Cheng-Kung University


Kaohsiung Medical University


Tzu Chi University

In general, how are the hospitals and doctors like in Taiwan? Is there a hospital that is much better or worse than the others (say in Taipei)? How well do the doctors speak english?

What is the health system like?

Choose Tzu Chi University in Hualien. I doubt that anybody can comment on the conditions at all the hospitals you listed, but Hualien is a beautiful place to live, and if you’ve only got a month here, I suspect that you will be much more productive in a place such as Hualien than in the middle of Taipei.

Overall, hospitals, doctors, and health care in Taiwan are all excellent. I’ve never actually been inside the Tzu Chi University, but it has an excellent reputation.

The big city hospitals vary, naturally. Some are much better than others. If I were you, I’d choose Tzu Chi.

[quote=“Raven”]How well do the doctors speak English?

They all seem to speak very good English. In fact, I seem to remember one of them telling me that they have to write all the notes in English.

[quote=“butcher boy”][quote=“Raven”]How well do the doctors speak English?

They all seem to speak very good English. In fact, I seem to remember one of them telling me that they have to write all the notes in English.[/quote]

english is the universal language of science…while most doctors do not get enough opportunity to practice their english skills, they are all quite adept at manipulating textbooks written in english(wells’posed to be)

Thanks guys… I thought this thread was dead! It didn’t get any responses for more than two weeks.

Your response about Tzu Chi/Hualien really made the decision even more tough.

I have to rank 3 choices, since I may not be able to get the first.

I had it as: 1)NTU in taipei 2)Tzu-Chi in Hualien 3) Yang Ming in Taipei

I am very torn between #1 and #2, and your comment has made me seriously reconsider (Because I have now heard so many good and amazing things about Hualien).

I suppose some of the things I worry about Hualien are:

  1. The language barrier. While I will try to learn some chinese, I suppose I have this stereotype in my mind that there will be less that speak any english in Hualien than Taipei. Also, are there not more traditional taiwanese speakers?

  2. The transportation within Hualien. I’ve heard it’s rough and I’m not sure I will be able to rent a scooter for the whole month.

  3. I suppose I worry that there will be enough to do in and around Hualien for 4 weeks (every where seems to mention it as a day or weekend trip with a visit to Taroko). Though, I am a nature guy, so if there are a lot of parks, beaches, waterfalls, and hikes in the area… along with the 1 night market and 1 pub, I will be more than happy!

Can anyone comment?

In response to 1-3 - you will love Hualien. Do it! Taroko, the hikes, the beaches… the WEATHER!!! Have fun.

IF you value nature over nightlife and are pretty adept at relaxing when all the conveniences of the world aren’t at your fingertips, then I’d agree with the recommendations to go to Hualien.

You are right in assuming that the level of English in outlying areas, like Hualien, will be lower. That said, if the doctor was trained in the west, likely he/she will speak English or at least understand it pretty well (I have found that the speaking varies the most).

You are also correct in assuming that transportation may be an issue in Hualien (unlike in Taipei). Either rent a scooter or live close to the hospital.

Hualien, and points farther south, have much better weather than Taipei in the winter (forgot when you’re coming). Plus, if in Hualien, you are so close to Taidong as well. I have traveled completely around the island twice now. In my opinion, Hualien, Taidong, and the stretch in between are, without question, the best parts of Taiwan.