Taiwan hsuehshan tunnel - discovery documentary

really interesting documentary about the construction of Taiwan’s Hsuehshan Tunnel on the Discovery Channel for those who haven’t seen it. Multi-part series of videos.


Taiwanese construction companies are well-known for their ineptitude and graft in construction projects. Just as bad as the Big Dig.

Be careful about going through that tunnel, or standing in or near a Taiwanese-built building.

I have extensive experience and expertise in construction, China, and Chinese history. Taiwanese construction companies are one of the scariest, most pathetic, dishonest, incompetent to work with. Bunch of pigs.

[quote]Many of the low-rise residential buildings damaged by the quake had reinforced concrete frames with masonry infill walls. Investigating engineers blame a lack of ductile detailing for many of the failures. Although specific ductile detailing requirements are outlined in the design codes—including closely spaced transverse column reinforcements with 135-degree seismic hooks, staggered longitudinal rebar splicing located away from the column ends, and transverse reinforcements in the beam-to-column joints—the details are often not implemented properly or are skipped altogether, according to engineers who have investigated the failed structures[/quote].

Shoddy workmanship, cutting corners, graft and corruption are all part and parcel of the Taiwanese construction industry.