Taiwan Inclusion in WHO


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Received this today from a friend…


[b]Dear all,

Our government made this video to fight for the right to join WHO. We have endeavoured to join international associations for years while China has tried every way to obstruct us.
This is a very touching video. Please forward it to others as possible. It is not fair for us to be excluded from the world!![/b]


That video is quite a good advertisement for Taiwan tourism.

Taiwan is a member alongside China of many medical organisations that do not require their members to be independent sovereign states. Taiwan is not excluded from the World Health Organisation - it is represented in the WHO by China.


I believe the desire to not to be respresented by another, but to be represented by itself. I think that is obvious.


Yeah, and considering that China blocks aid to Taiwan whenever it can, especially in times when Taiwan needs it most; its hard to trust them. How much aid actually comes from China anyway?


They give less than what it costs to get a used car


They gave the USA quite a bit of aid and supplies for Katrina.

I’m sure if CSB would drop his TI ambitions, PRC would also be allowed to provide aid to ROC.


[quote=“Juba”]Taiwan is not excluded from the World Health Organisation - it is represented in the WHO by China.[/quote]Yeah, and we all saw how well that worked out a few years back, didn’t we. Plus I really have trouble believing that a nation aiming shitloads of missiles at and threatening violence toward Taiwan really has Taiwan’s health and lifestyle interests at heart.


That’s like saying you don’t need to get a health insurance because you are insured through your local mafia who claims to own your house.

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