Taiwan Independence: Realistically, how?

Indeed, if all of the surrounding Arab/Muslim countries were unified as 1 country and had nuclear weapons and was the world’s 2nd largest economic power (and soon to be first), then Israel’s situation would be totally different. This Israel analogy is just pure BS.

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The Legislative Yuan issue too. Down with the old thieves!

Taiwan has and never will be a part of Thailand. Peace

You honestly expect me to tell you the plan?

The ordinary man thinks in terms of a plan. The greater man thinks in terms of strategic stance. The greater man has more than one way to win. The self-clever man has more ways to lose than he can count.

No plan survives contact with the enemy. No enemy survives contact with a superior strategic stance.

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And if pigs had wings, ISIS would attach bombs to them.

Today’s DR: if you don’t have blind faith in me, you’re inferior. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re really doubling down on the vague philosophy. Fine, but it certainly doesn’t address the OP - realistic path to TI. Fine, you want’t to talk strategy - so what is the strategy towards TI? At best, what I hear from your musings is that the so called ‘status quo’ can be preserved for a long time -which is what our dearly deceased OP said. But ‘status quo’ is not TI, far from it.

The strategy for gaining independence is:

  1. Be thoroughly independent-minded. If you don’t grasp the importance of this, there’s no hope.

  2. Either economic self-sufficiency or a very wide range of trading partners. Only one of these is a realistic option for Taiwan.

  3. Build up your military defense in every way. Some may say it’s obvious, but really, #1 and #2 above must come first or it won’t work.

  4. Refuse to give an inch.

  5. Meet whatever comes with forceful resolve.

In summary: the way to gain independence is to be of an independent nature.

I’m going to throw one out there that’s I don’t think it’s be said. Let China’s ambition of returning to the great 4000 year old empire and try to compete with the US in military expansion and spending. Let them get in their own stupid wars which I don’t think is out of the question with China’s own ambitions. Declare independence during that time when it’s too costly to deal with Taiwan.


A retired general once said, just shut up, keep it low-key, and get whatever needs to get done for independence.

Well, since Taiwanese nowadays are just too lazy to get anything done(civilians not armed, got rid of court martial and compulsory military, too scared to develop nuke program), it’s probably the best strategy to keep fingers crossed for communist China to descend into some sort of civil war.

Maybe Islam uyghurs are going to team up with IS and we’ll see Islam vs communism🤔?

Declarations mean nothing. Any jackass can declare independence.

The point is to BE independent. And Taiwan will have an easier time developing their independence if they can keep a low profile about it. If they do it right, when Taiwan is independent China will be the second-to-last to know. (The UN will be the last to know.)

When you can present your would-be dominator with such a fait accompli and get away with it, then you will have attained independence.

And the Chinese navy will rest at the bottom of Taiwan Strait.

A brutal state that will crush any dissidents like the CCP is exactly the condition where isis couldn’t have happened. So I don’t think so, but one can dream. Isis really just hates western civilization imo, not about Islam if you get to the core in a lot of talks I’ve seen from people way smarter than me.

Well remembered. I actually wore the headband marching from Gongguan all the way down Chungshan N. Rd. Only time I’ve marched in my life.

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Yet another Taiwan election behind us. Are we any closer to TI now? I think we’re even further away. Especially with rejection of Ref Prop #13 and Tsai’s election tactic to paint KMT candidates as pro PRC a complete failure. That tactic used to work for the DPP (抹紅).

The DPP haven’t been pushing independence in ages.

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North Korea 1000 times more likely to reunite with South Korea than for Taiwan to even have a referendum pass to change its Olympic team name to Taiwan. Ohh…
This subject is DOA.

Well, its still in their party charter. They may not be actively pushing for it now but TI is in DPP’s DNA. Its the one defining issue that separates the DPP and KMT, especially during election for President and legislature.

Also, Premier Lai just a few months ago said he was a “Taiwan independence worker” - 台獨工作者.

If this is DOA, how will Taiwan voters ever have the guts to change the constitution and give birth to the “Republic of Taiwan”? But that was what many forumosans were clamoring for, at least 10, 15, 20 years ago when the Taiwan Politics forum was much more heated than it is now.

C’mon. Taiwan’s bark about independence is worse than its bite.
Can’t even pass the Olympic name change referendum. Weaklings.
ChiComms are laughing at Taiwan as they deserve to. (note: i dislike ChiComms)