Taiwan Independence: Realistically, how?

To be honest, if I were to look at Taiwan in the US perspective, I wouldn’t want Taiwanese military have its own nuclear program either. Too many traitors/communist spies hiding in it. Besides, Taiwanese democratically voted Ma Ying-Jeou as president for the past eight years…

One of my guess is that Confucianism and Buddhism have been twisted and misunderstood to disguise people’s cowardliness and passiveness as being morally superior. Now that Taiwan military has become a voluntary force to “buy votes” from young generations, you’re gonna see more snowflakes and infantile men…

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It’s always better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.

Or you could be like Israel and ask neither. Some call it chutzpah. I call it street wisdom.

The only law that means anything: what you can or can’t get away with.

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You really like your Israel analogy, don’t you?

Comparable geographical/population discrepancy, yes. After that, it falls apart: different political/cultural/historical context, different relations between the opponents and outside parties, and that one tiny detail of the Arab/Muslim countries not being unified and not heading for unification any time soon.

Culture is not cast in stone. It’s like molasses - it shifts slowly, but it shifts.

Each generation of Taiwanese is distinctly less Chinese than the one before, I’ve noticed. If they can just evolve in the right direction, they can survive so hard it will feel like domination.

Sometimes being surrounded by enemies brings out the best in you. Sun-Tzu called it Desperate Ground.

Totally agree. But how will that make TI a reality? This whole issue is not about what Taiwan wants, its about how the other side would react and if TI can still happen with that reaction (or threat of that reaction).

Culture is a fascinating thing. That doesn’t make your proposal realistic.

Gee, I wonder if anyone on the other side ever read that book… :ponder:


What the other side does is exactly one half of the game - no more, no less.

They had their own, er, cultural revolution. Much ancient wisdom was misplaced.

But anyway, reading a book is not enough. You have to understand it. Now Mao understood that sort of thing, but he’s long dead.

That’s very philosophical. Give us a plan, a road map to TI. Call PRC’s bluff/threat of war and just do it? The problem with that is only a very small minority of Taiwan voters are willing to do so and it simply won’t happen. I mean changing the constitution, declaring “Republic of Taiwan” etc. Taiwan voters are too scared to do it. Despite what some DPP politicians say which is just political rhetoric.

In terms of military/economic/general geo-political heft, PRC is now much more than “one half of the game”. That might have been true in the 1970s, but not now.

Almost as long as Chiang. :tumble:

When they’ve become Israeli enough, it will happen as a matter of course.


And how would you like them to do that?

More vague philosophical musings. What’s the plan, the roadmap? Be specific. What will happen as a matter of course? A cross-straits war that settles the issue once and for all? Is that what you mean?

Indeed, if all of the surrounding Arab/Muslim countries were unified as 1 country and had nuclear weapons and was the world’s 2nd largest economic power (and soon to be first), then Israel’s situation would be totally different. This Israel analogy is just pure BS.

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The Legislative Yuan issue too. Down with the old thieves!

Taiwan has and never will be a part of Thailand. Peace

You honestly expect me to tell you the plan?

The ordinary man thinks in terms of a plan. The greater man thinks in terms of strategic stance. The greater man has more than one way to win. The self-clever man has more ways to lose than he can count.

No plan survives contact with the enemy. No enemy survives contact with a superior strategic stance.

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And if pigs had wings, ISIS would attach bombs to them.

Today’s DR: if you don’t have blind faith in me, you’re inferior. :stuck_out_tongue:

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