Taiwan inflation Numbers

Why are people sneaking in eggs from Mexico into the US? Eggs are expensive everywhere.

Food 4.9%
Clothing 0.8%
Housing 2.4%
Transportation 2.18%
Enterrtainment 2.27%

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Food’s the only thing I’m noticing, but that’s really been slowing creeping up for the past 2-5 years. Transportation hasn’t gone up except for domestic air travel though, no? MRT and buses are the same as before; has HSR or TRA raised their prices? I couldn’t care less if someone’s car is costing them more. If you live in the sticks and you “need” one, you’re saving money in all the other ways that you can save money by living far from the city.

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That must be some very carefully selected basket of goods! I know our grocery bills have increased way more than 5%. Some fruits and veg took on multiple post Typhoon like increases and never came down again.


I think you’re buying a very carefully-selected basket of goods.

Those numbers on housing are way off it seems. probably more based on government tax records, not actual sales. perhaps based on northern taiwan being pretty close to peak? down south stuff is going up 5 to 30% easily. look at Tainan now after the tech industry started putting in factories these years. Chaiyi, kaohsiung, pingtung, taitung all are going nuts on price. Granted my math skills arent spectacular. but the lower third of Taiwan, where I am paying attention, is more like 200~500% increase over the past 5 years. it is quite astonishing how fast, and the government is fueling this with Hope’s and dreams ofnrezoning…so even farmland that is near industrial zones are going for prices that make my head lose blood pressure.

Food has been going up steadily for a while, it’s just the covid panic caused the eateries to raise all their stuff. higher housing (and rent) is also a leading cause.

the government cannot enable every industry here. they already have a massive welfare budget for food, energy, infrastructure and similar essentials…but they are really making.miscalculations in my opinion. shirt term gains, seemingly for political gains, rather than long term longevity and sustainability (prosperity).

I dont feel taiwans comfort level is really that sustainable. But the food thing will get worse just cause people here have a near fetish level connection to it, as well as the government has a near fetish level connection to subsidising the AG industry as well as the consultants that are exporting, and the population is wealthy enough to keep paying top dollar for what they are getting.

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These are really just joke numbers compared to what you see elsewhere.

The figures for housing only include utilities (3.61%) and rent (2.22%). Property price is not included because it’s not “cost of living”.

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It includes more than that. Those are just the highest components.

I don’t honestly know what it is elsewhere, but I noticed food going up, especially pasta. But my sister tells me that food prices in the US have gone up like 300% in the last year or so, and on a weekly basis too.

Yes, Salt & Meat is one aspect But it goes far deeper than just the night markets and trailer parks.

Cheers. that makes more sense. It’s always the case with these funny but forgotten by tomorrow stats. they do not represent reality at all!