Taiwan is 25th best country in the world for startups in 2022

From the Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2022:

“Three countries are new to the global top 25. The first, Austria, made an impressive
advance of 5 spots to rank 23rd. Norway also registered a massive increase, now
ranking 24th after jumping 7 spots this year. Closing the top 25 global countries is
Taiwan, advancing one spot after most of its second tier cities experienced substantial

“Some new entrants to the top 200 cities this year include Winnipeg, Canada (ranked
192nd), Sankt Gallen, Switzerland (193rd), Oulo, Finland (195th), Hshinchu, Taiwan
(196th), and Stavanger, Norway (198th).”

Go to page 133 in the report for more information about Taiwan and page 352 for Taipei.

I wonder which Winnipeg politician bribed this publication.

Yeah… isn’t there a Winnipeger Forumosan here who’s often stated the faults/dangerous points of the city?

I think it’s @noel

Japan is 20 and Taiwan 25? BS. I’ve started companies in both and Taiwan is far better for startups. Less bureaucracy, lower costs, larger labor supply, and a much more extensive supplier base.


Best Country in the world for startups = Best place to lose your hard earned money to founders, scammers, VCs and other insiders.

Taiwan is a decent place for some startups…such as bike companies.


This is maybe the funniest thing I have ever read or heard.

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman has definitely greased some palms (or something else) to get this!!!


Taiwan is insanely easy to setup. Only 1 single document needs to be done by a cpa. Everything else can be done by oneself for under 100 usd. Finding funding and all that is fairly variable. Setup is super easy in taiwan now. Even without a place, it can be rented fairly cheap.