Taiwan is NKs 4th largest trading partner?!


It turns out. Taiwan is the hermit kingdoms 4th largest trading partner. Although it’s only like 12 million compared to 2.6 billion with china. I had no idea.

Hong Kong ship leased by a Taiwanese company selling oil to North Korea?

By a nuclear device off them. Threat from the Chinese Communist Party ends.

You have to give the fat little lad with the goofy haircut and bad teeth some credit. Actually having weapons of mass destruction is the only way to guarantee not getting attacked.


NK government has a trade office in Taipei.


No fucking way. You mean I can go and meet Real North Koreans right here in Taiwan?


The royal puffball’s Kavalan whisky supply?


Not having a seat in the UN allows Taipei to do, more or less, as it pleases.

Remember, Taiwan was one of the few nations that carried out normalized relations with South Africa during apartheid and the isolation that came with it.


It says NK import mostly chemicals, textiles and electronics. And export metals for manufacturing purposes i assumes and oddly enough one category was vegetables. Not sure what kind of vegetables Taiwan’s getting.


Actually I think I know what’s the vegetables category. Most likely ginseng. NK sells a lot of highly coveted ginseng in the black market to the world.




I’m also interested. Can I go and talk with them? Maybe I can export stuff that will interest the supreme leader.


hmmm … so that’s where they’re getting rocket fuel, nuclear detonators and guidance systems from :thinking:

Taiwan is subject to export restrictions on electronic components from the US. I always wondered why.


The non UN people got to stick together I guess.


Well North Korea is a UN member state.

Even if Taiwan is the 4th largest trade partner for NK it doesn’t mean much. Their economy is so small that our imports are negligible.


No addresses but found a picture. How much trouble do you think I’ll get for stealing the NK flag? On a scale of 1 to Otto warmbeir?


Ah, so no ROC flags at sporting events, but it’s kosher to have them at the North Korean trade office. Glad we cleared that up. :slight_smile:

For the record, a certain website’s source for the trade information is

which in turn cites

China: US$2.6 billion (90% of total North Korean exports)
India: $87.4 million (3.1%)
Philippines: $51.8 million (1.8%)
Taiwan: $12.2 million (0.4%)
France: $11.4 million (0.4%)
Mozambique: $10.9 million (0.4%)
Russia: $8.8 million (0.3%)
Brazil: $8.7 million (0.3%)
Burkina Faso: $7.4 million (0.3%)
Mexico: $6.7 million (0.2%)
Germany: $6.5 million (0.2%)
Turkey: $6.3 million (0.2%)
Saudi Arabia: $6.1 million (0.2%)
Egypt: $4.8 million (0.2%)
Chile: $4.4 million (0.2%)




Except for the occasional missile fuse.

Yeah, it was a “mistake” and Taiwan “gave them back.”


There was a bif fuss a few years ago when Taiwan and NK were going to engage in an exchange of used nuclear fuel. Look it up.



WTF? Even a-Huang’s scooter store probably has better incoming inspection and storage than that. Likewise with a-Huang’s suppliers.

I wonder if those triggers really did get sent back? I have a tinfoil hat theory that Kim the Blobbier is kept in power by TPTB because he’s a useful bogeyman to wave in front of the plebs when they start asking “so remind us: what’s the point of you again?”


I had no idea that Taiwan has trade with NK. France is also a trading partner. Guess NK and Taiwan are desperate for trade…