Taiwan is NKs 4th largest trading partner?!




I’m not sure what France trades with NK, but I know NK has a lot of natural resources like base metals that Taiwan’s manufacturing sector would really benefit from. It’s one of the arguments for reunification, that although the country is ridiculously undeveloped from South Korea. One way to make it work would be to mine all the resources the NK hasn’t been able to help offset the costs of reunification.

It is rather sad to see that NK doesn’t seem to import any food from Taiwan…only things to keep their military first government running like chemicals, and tech.


There was an article a few years ago about a defector who had been a sort of business ambassador to Europe. He said typically companies would be happy to do business with the country as long as they got a certain percentage above or below the market rate (selling or buying) to “soothe their conscience”, as in “we’re giving them a bad deal, so it’s okay!” :rainbow:


One defectors job was to purchase luxury goods for North Korea for the supreme leader and for him to give them out as gifts to his high officials. It’s one of the things that keeps the people in line there. High officials get a luxuary life with a lot of benefits like BMWs and TVs and watches. And businesses have no problem selling them luxury items. North Korea is estimated to spend a huge chuck of their money in buying luxury goods.


I’m not sure if it’s partly an urban myth, but I remember reading that NK used to be the largest importer of top quality Cognac.


And then got booted out when SA recognized China over Taiwan, and then China exploited SA.


Guess where I went today…


nice, did you get to go inside?


When you look inside, is it just an empty room with a big lifesize cardboard picture of a busy office?


I didn’t go inside. When I got to the seventh floor, the office’s outer security door (semi transparent) was closed but the inner door was open. As my friend took my photo someone inside abruptly closed the inner door. The interior is still a mystery.


The people in there must go outside right? I wonder where they live and stuff.


I’m guessing they live inside the crawl space in the drop ceiling.


Nah, only those high up in the Party ranking. That’s why they call them “high up”.

The rest of 'em probably get packed away in the filing cabinets. There are probably political struggles to determine who gets the top drawer.

I wonder what the point of the office is, if they just shut the door in your face if you go to visit?


I’m guessing agreements only get made face to face. You don’t want to leave a paper trail when you’re cutting deals with Mr. Axis of Evil.


You guys think they’ll get mad if I send copies of the interview for them to watch? What are some funny ways to mess with them?

But in all seriousness, is there actual use for the place or is it just for the North Koreans to say we have a trade office and nothing happens there. I remember I posted a story of a crawfish farmer contacting North Korea and got invited there to see if they can farm crawfish there. Is that where he went?


I was thinking it might be a PR thing. I mean, he has a reputation to maintain. If people get the door slammed in their faces, they might think, dayum, that guy might look like a pallid halloween pumpkin, but if he slams the door on people who might want to sell him widgets, well, he might be capable of anything. Anything! Reckon he really is one evil mofo. Don’t want him turning up at my house saying stuff like “mmm, this is a tasty burger”.


I notice it says “Korea International…” I wonder what the “other” Korean office says.

There is an irony, well maybe not THAT word, playing out here…both NK and SK do not recognize each other, yet both are in the UN and both have de facto embassies in Taipei and real embassies in Beijing.

I wonder if there is a Taiwan office in NK.


I noticed that too. By the way, here’s the KICC website: http://www.kicc-dprk.org/
The English site doesn’t seem to have any updates after 2011.


And thereby lies Taiwan’s tragedy: that because of the decision of one man, a dictator, CKS, who chose to kick us under the bus, rather than let Taiwan go. Aside from the pathetic delusion of one day regaining control of the Mainland, his motivation was that if Taiwan did not have its own legal identity, it would never slip out of his control. The option was on teh table, and at that time, it would not have been contested by China, that was jsut emerging out of its cocoon. Alas, Taiwan was hence doomed, more than it was when the Powers that Be decided to “give it back” to China, instead of having its own name and land and identity acknowledged.

I cannot abide to that “because you are Chinese” argument. For me, it si like saying we Latin Americans belong to Spain becuase we have Spanish blood.Taiwan’s people are 90% ip mixed with Aboriginals, just as we Latin Americans are not pure blood Caucasians. Taiwanese will never be seen as totally belonging to China by many Chinese themselves, brainwashed who despise Taiwan as Japan lover, Western lover, etc. Not Chinese enough. We have seen with HK what is waiting down the line.

Instead of peace and normal relations between China and Taiwan, we have a disfuctional family relationship which only benefits warmongers, mafia and illegal trade, which brings us back to NK.