Taiwan is not as safe as it used to be


It’s insanely easy to stay safe here as long as you don’t party in gangster clubs or act like a total moron.

The only thing I fear here is the roads.


Well, if that were true, I wouldn’t have lasted this long.



20 years ago Taiwan experienced a wave of extremely violent murders and there were national protests. Know your history folks.
I wasn’t even here at that time but it’s all online.


Hmmmm… that should be into the 101 instruction for every Foreigner when arriving in Taiwan


there were murders last year too, a lot of freaky ones. but still i can walk the street at basically any time of day or night and feel safe. its completely different to back home where you see dodgy people all over the streets. its something i really appreciate about it here.


It’s called The Downfall of the Occident.


Not as freaky as the whole Pai Hsiao-yan thing. We were all saying how foreigners were at least safe when the guy burst into the house of the South African military attache on Yangmingshan:


Yes those people I think three were truly violent
Tortured and killed the little girl
Tortured and killed the plastic surgeon and a nurse

Think they were all shot dead eventually


It will get far worse. Not just the rampant drug addiction problem Taiwan has had for 30 year but as the older enabling generation dies off, the middle aged and younger addicted, entitled and generally lazy generations will have already sold off their family assets and have no one to care for them and offer safe haven. Its already apparent and happening for a while now, this coupled with mental illness and stigmas here about admitting things (flaws)and getting help only worsen it. a sad fact this will just increase as the elders die off and the adult children are left without owners.


The only “rampant drug addiction problem” this country has is for betel nuts. And that’s a different kind of sad.


Reading about pai Hsiao yen again revealed two other major murder cases where the killers are still free today and unknown

And the 20 year statute ran out

There should be no statute to run out on murder




This is all such nonsense. Taiwan is not a dangerously violent place. It simply isn’t. The odds of being a victim of violence by a stranger are next to nothing. Domestic violence is an issue of concern.


You know, people have to create drama for the sake of a media narrative. “Rampant drug addiction problem” … what a joke. Look at the opioid crisis in the states. Now THAT’S a “rampant drug problem.”


Maybe you’re not familiar with the drug history in Taiwan. Its kept low key but it has been a Tampa.t problem for decades, a.fact. heroin was huge here, now it’s amphetamines and its MASSIVE. Take from it the different social problems compared to the west, but its the social co strict of families that has and is keeping Taiwan together and safe as mentioned above…Taiwan is still quite safe. Once the family system here changes, the drug issues, amongst others, will become more obvious very quickly.


TBH, @Explant is right in the sense that it is a non adressed, swept under the rug, blame foreigners for it kind of problem. Drugs may become an issue here basically because people do not want to see it as a problem.

I see it in high school kids. We were taught to recognize signs of a kid being high in our classroom. I seriously doubt Taiwanese teachers are given a talk, least of all spend class time, adressing this issue.

So that means that the first line of defense, prevention, alert, is simply not there. Because actually the first line of defense against drug use should be the parents, the families. We all know that is not the case, as low income families struggle to put food on the table, medium income focus on grades and high income are simply not there.

As to the stigma associated with drug use, you know most kids in the adoption system come from drug addicted parents in jail or absconded, and those kids are placed abroad. Those are the lucky ones. The unlucky die of hunger.

One also wonders if all those Taiwanese caught abroad were spoiled kids who deem life ownes them prosperity, and hence scam as a way of living, are actually the grown up spoiled brats we see around us. The golden boy in the families, who inherits everything and loses it in a card game. Or worse: the golden boy treated like a kind by low income parents, who then gets used to the finer things in life but not to teh hard work it entails to have them.


Is the drug problem more of an issue in the north or south? Wondering how long until Taipei becomes Gary Indiana tis all…


TBH I am far more worried about domestic violence. 60 thousand cases last year, almost all against children.


I teach approx. 350 kids aged 18 or 19 every year and I have never seen one of them high in class. And I am able to spot it.