Taiwan is not as safe as it used to be


I went to high school here and no one even smoked cigarettes, let alone used drugs.

Don’t be ridiculous.


At least 3 this half year. Parents either starved them to death or beat them to death. Those made the news. Others, we do not know.

As I said in the other thread, 60 thousand cases of domestic violence and increasing.


It’s disheartening, but 12 per annum out of 23 million (2017) is not outstanding in relation to other countries.

The increase of reports does not necessarily indicate that the situation is worsening. It could mean that people know that they need to file a report when it happens and it used to be swept under the carpet way more often.


Some of the most insidious cases of child abuse don’t involve hitting.

One of my friend’s students still sleeps with his mother at age 13. Unsurprisingly, he’s maladjusted as hell. That’s a recipe for a Taiwanese Ted Bundy…


I personally disagree with this reasoning but some would argue that ‘child abuse’ in come cultures is just proper punishment in others. My grandfather tied my uncle up to a tree and beat the shit out of him with a belt (this was many decades ago when my uncle was a kid). I’m surprised my uncle wasn’t more mentally scarred afterwards, or didn’t become permanently estranged from his father.


Exactly my thoughts, more reports, at least they are notbeing ignored. Turning your back on a problem is the worst.

But with a shrinking economy, violence in families is bound to increase.


Idk where you got that from. Besides, Taiwan doesn’t have a shrinking economy. It has sluggish growth.


These are some interesting stats on crime in Taiwan and the US:

Interestingly, while the crime rate is much higher in the US the fear of crime is much higher in Taiwan. Perhaps this is down to the media sensationalising the few violent crimes that are committed. Edit: that’s not right - I was reading the wrong column about fear of crime.


I bserved the kids in the high school next to the university regularly pulling out ciggies on their way out of school.


the larger numbers of fear of crime mean taiwanese feel more safe to walk alone at night and during the day than US people.


I think Taiwan is definitely less outright violent on the whole, but since people don’t really manage their mental health, other forms of dysfunction abound. People can be aggressive, abusive, and poor communicators, and they just never work on it. So kids end up raised in toxic environments and learn and/or are traumatized by shitty behavior. The cycle continues.

Culture this and culture that. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re a dick and you’re not trying to better yourself.


Comparing ggangs crime, drug use etc between USA and Taiwan isn’t at all a useful comparison. Following the drug line, lets discuss. USA has far more poor areas and petty crime. USA over prescribes opiates, Taiwan won’t and your normally stuck with ibuprofen. Think about the reason why and Taiwan’s huge opiate history .

Culture and family units are way different, don’t ha e the homeless problem like the west, see my above post on why.

After the kmt got super rich from coke production with the Japanese and opium, worldwide laws changed and instead of in house manufacture they had to import. Which is why H is bigger than coke as the gov was importing it in mass quantities from mostly Myanmar. Meinong and the kmt ass hole there made it the H capitol of Taiwan. That’s virtually over and we are left with amphet, which Taiwan is world renowned for. Taiwan is amongst the leaders in meth. Another reason the drug problem here is different is how pure it is. You can mail order all the things you need to make it pure, and this is exactly why its so prevalent here. Its cheap, pure and everywhere.

Although ephedra is legal here and legal to import, they started waxing it to make it near impossible to extract the precursors. So now they import from other countries like India instead of China where it is banned. China now is cracks.g down. Such as last years bust of a meth factory with 200 plus Taiwanese workers, which likely never made the news…so ya, Taiwan has a problem, and its not a street ya.v one but a corrupt business one and a soon to. E crumbling social one.

O. Students, depends on the area. Generally Taiwanese don’t get high at school, they get high to study at night. Although amphet is common all.get kids still, K is no doubt the choice for kids, so much so the gov does t go after it as much to avoid making a large percentage of the population criminals.

Taiwan’s drug problem is WAY different than the west. But its stronger and more business oriented, including the government. Many of the US chemists were and are Taiwanese, kind of a shame. With China clamping down another issue is the amphet get to g made is more and more from places like north Korea, and local stuff is going the way of pseudo from cough Medicine. I have found numerous labs and stockpiles of millions of bottles in the mountains, this is not an uncommon thing at all.

Watch, it will get worse!


thats abuse or is it just poor? i know a 30 year old doing the same because they don’t have any more rooms.


Just a side point from your reply mentioning about the difficulty in getting painkillers, I had a damn surgery here that involved cutting and the doctor refused to give me even a Panadol pill beforehand.
He said local was enough (it wasn’t)
I told him I was in pain, he laughed.

At the end I demanded a painkiller and he says OK.
Just for 2 days he says reluctantly… what did he prescribe.? Fucking Diclofenac, an antiinflammatory. How generous

There is so much paranoia in the medical industry here of addiction that they have no concept of pain control.

On the topic of pseudoephedrine made into drugs, a student works for a drug company and he said he got a call from a gangster group offering him a lot of money to sell pseudoephedrine pills to them in bulk, he says they offered twenty times the actual value. He claims he turned them down but who knows.


Rich kid going to a private school, so nope. Just an extremely messed up mother-son relationship with no father in sight.


if he has his own room why is he not sleeping in his own room? is it a case of the son being overly spoiled? another flamethrower school shooter wannabe in the making?


Yes, I’m thinking so. She lets him go into school late or not at all whenever he wants, too.


wow, another part of the culture i don’t understand. is it something to do with if you spoil boys you are more likely to get taken care of when you are old or what?


One mother doesn’t define a culture.


I’m not quite sure. I think they’re just obsessive. I’m sure the absent father figure factors in somehow in this case.

Boys aren’t quite so blatantly favored anymore, at least not as much as they used to be back in the day. But there are still some people out there who are really fuckin weird about it. Maybe it’s because she’s rich and has nothing else to do with her time.