Taiwan is not as safe as it used to be


Yes. The “mama’s boy” trope is pretty universal.


Agreed. Although the 重男輕女 concept that still refuses to die has produced some pretty distorted family dynamics.


why would you think i’m basing this on only one ? its not the first i’ve heard of this. and you might want to read up on the school shooter wannabe and see how spoilt that little shit is by his mother.


I do apologise. You didn’t provide any other examples in your post so I assumed you were basing your reply on the example provided in this thread.


Don’t forget that crime seem worse here because of the endless replays of the creepy generic animated figures that re-enact them on TV, too.


Indeed. I think this is why women in Taiwan tend to be more independent and well-rounded individuals than the men.


Well, it’s not over yet. Wait and see what your uncle ends up doing. Pops might still disappear and your uncle might still get arrested for beating his kids or doing something crazy.


Thanks for taking an interest. But my grandfather is already dead (natural causes from old age) and my uncle is already a senior citizen himself.


Well, hopefully his behaviour went to the grave with him. Unfortunately, these things are often passed on from generation to generation unless someone is able to break the cycle.


The government should build some walls to keep all the criminals out.


They’re called jails, and they work like reverse walls in your request.


Taiwan is very safe, especially if you don’t read newspapers or watch the news.


They don’t even report on many of the grisly crimes on TV or in the English papers. …Mostly murder suicide type stuff…Happens pretty much daily.


We’ve never seen anything like this before.

Gerbil smuggling operation intercepted in Kinmen County


The gerbils were tested for disease and euthanized.

Bad luck for the gerbils. Did they test positive for disease and were therefore euthanized,or were they just tested anyway before being killed?


On the contrary; and don’t get me going on about Pigeon-napping.


This is most beleaguered subject.
Is Taiwan safe?


How SAFE is Taiwan?



How safe is Taiwan?





Lots of drugs on the island mostly synthetic ones. Easy to get as well especially if you speak the local language. Lots of mainly working class families are affected by it. As for what goes on in America’s crack ghettos or trailer parks I couldn’t care less I live here not there. As for Taiwan


Let’s do an informal, non-scientific poll here. Who here has (a) felt physically threatened, or (b) actually been attacked, since living in Taiwan?

(*Being called a bad insult because you’re a foreigner doesn’t quite meet the threshold of (a) unless that’s paired with some physically threatening words and/or actions)


Do you include traffic issues?