Taiwan is not as safe as it used to be


I imagine the latter. I think that’s going to be the end for any animal in a similar situation unless they are on some sort of endangered species list.


an article based on stats from numbeo is not an objective source. It’s a fact that Taiwanese love to upvote themselves in these kinds of questionaires.

My point is even it’s considered safe, you can still use some caution and steer away from the crazy and mafia people, which also exists in Taiwan. Ask some people who was the victim of these crimes how safe it is, and you will get a completely different opinion.


The mafia is everywhere in Taiwan. Even when you need auto service


I completely agree to that point. My point is whether taiwan is less safe than it used to be and taiwan’s relative safety, though.


Wikipedia has the wrong stats. For some countries (eg. Taiwan) they include attempts because they don’t know where to find the correct sources. If you put all the countries on the same ground (aka deaths resulted from homicide) Taiwan’s homicide rate is 0.5/100k, which is one of the lowest.

Source: https://www.moi.gov.tw/files/site_node_file/6024/03.警政.pdf

It was until 2017.

No Taiwanese ppl would bother go on an English site and upvote themselves. And if that was the case the other parameters would be better as well. There is a group of “contributers” with an agenda that keeps driving down the wages and inflate the rent in Taiwan on numbeo. It’s such a stupid site.


Taiwan is listed in 2018?


Yeah, ask only the victims. That’ll get you an unbiased sample.


It was listed until 2016 then omitted in 2017 and 2018


Ancient philosophers like Tommy have always harked on about moral decay, while trumpeting us back to a golden age in the past.

Old people do it in every country, no matter how dark the past.


The topic is asking if Taiwan is more unsafe than “before”. So its basically a rhetorical as there is no timeframe given, which just simply means it is both safer and more dangerous than before. Which begs the questions of specifics. I would agree that Taiwan is super safe as world standards go. But its a form or retarded thinking to always try to compare to others in the obvious sense of trying to boost your point. Of course Taiwan is greatly safer than places like Syria, Cambodia, Brazil, USA, Turkey etc etc. But that’s an ego stroke conversation.

The title has it right, self reflection and comparison of itself, in an effort to reflect and improve. Which is what every mature entity will do, beit individual, community, family , government, country etc.

So Taiwan is great, lots of pluses. Other people can pat themselves on the back. The issues where we are declining are what should be discussed. Drug use is rampant, big issue. And by drug use I mean the more addictive damaging kind being the problem, not herbs and medicines (in the literal sense, not the legal sense).

Family and by proxy community morals and structure are broken. Big issue. And the settling point with everything is education and work ethics/diligence. These are connected and causing Taiwan to downgrade a lot relatively rapidly. We see changes now such as healthcare system financial burdens and mass corruption. We see it in increased mental disorders, especially those that express and release publicly, see it in mass drug production and consumption, and we see it in business. Companies cannot find good working force. Good workers cannot good companies. Any country is doomed I . This catch 22. Enter government never willing to make immigrants life easy followed by a somewhat friendly xenophobic culture with racist laws (Taiwan is a lovely example of a somewhat functional oxymoron) and you get stagnation, not good. With stagnation, laziness/complacency, escapism etc, you get following problems like turning g a blind eye on real.issues when there are readily available, financially feasible solutions: environment as an example. Environment meaning mostly food, water, air and soil pollution. This is sacrificed for cast money due to the above cultural mindset of essentially lazy and sellfish people not giving 2 shits about the next generation.

If people keep doing the escapism routine , whatever path they choose to take, then a shit future is what’s to follow. Sadly, this short sighted style, like.Kaohsiung election results are what’s happening island wide… Short term gain, long term pain. Its the people that think in 4 year cycles that’s the problem, not so much the political tools.education is key and although old people we can basically not count on, middle aged are sinking the ship and young are doing nothing which essentially enables their elders to do anything they want.

we can educate children at least, their egos aren’t so impossible, and hope for our retirement to be ok. Taiwan has some maturing to do. I see a cultural revolution happening OR a total giving up and doing the “accept the hopeless” Confucius attitude Taiwan has brainwashed itself with.

But after everything, China is worse, so Taiwan tends to accept this as the face saving excuse to be useless. That’s why we are not as safe/good/rich/hopeful as we used to be, and that makes people frustrated (hence issues like politics, drug use, family health, diet etc etc). But people here aren’t hungry enough to put sad into action…

Education. Critical thinking. Along with practical economy can save us. But the people need to want it, or else we just listen to strange little lies by people called English or Korea on their ID…

So although I feel very safe in Taiwan, without hesitation, its a changing dynamic… and there are a shit load of problems here that can make things unsafe, I certainly have some.scars of “education” on getting involved here, as most probably do. But doing nothing is.probably the worst thing to do unless escape is the game.plan. and sometimes meth is easier and cheaper than a second passport.


thats a bit dramatic for a post about safety. they are real problems but i would say its another subject.


You make a couple of good points in that kitchen sink post.


Other than the absolutely insane roads, Taiwan is quite safe. I am pretty sure 90% of expat injuries and deaths are from the roads. I am new to Taiwan - but my only fear so far are the insane roads in Kaohsiung.

Anywhere you will have some crazy people. Shit happens. In some countries, due to drugs (legal and illegal), chemicals, etc. there are more crazy people. Poverty also plays into creating people who just don’t give a shit. It is a huge problem in the USA and China.

I think a potentially huge problem for Taiwan is that it is now a huge synthetic drug producer. Of course it is for export or produced in other countries by Taiwanese chemists - but that will (and already is) spilling over into Taiwan.

As for the video surveillance in China, it is not being used to control crime - it is being used by the government to commit crimes (against humanity!). I read a white paper from a sister think tank I was on about the future of video in our lives. The conclusion is that as cameras and storage prices drop we will be recorded pretty much 24/7.


I agree the timeframe of “before” and “now” should be specified, but I guess that the before may be decades ago when Tommy still lived in Taiwan. And when I compared before and now, I specified when they are.

financial burdens of health system is due to broken moral structure which taiwanese people had before? Corruption nd mental disorders are increased than before?


What a load of crap. Do you even have statistics to back up your claim that it used to be more dangerous in Taiwan? The reality is the crime rate was the highest in the 90s. If you want to complain at least get your facts straight.

And what is this obsession with drugs? Sure, there are people who use drugs, but a big issue? Give me a break. If drugs were a big issue here highly developed countries like Canada or Britain or Germany are already in the casket.

Your rambles are hard to read. I’m not even gonna bother. Politics used to be better in Taiwan? Are you fucking kidding me? Do you have any source to back up this DRUGS nonsense? Family health? Diet? Are you from Mars? Give me a fucking break. :roll:

These stupid talks about how things used to be better in Taiwan are so fucking laughable I can’t even.


A survey in 2014 of 20,000 Taiwanese aged 12 to 64 showed that 1.29% had tried illegal drugs.

Like everywhere it’s a growing problem, but I don’t feel “rampant” describes it. Measures are being taken to try to reduce illicit drug abuse.

I appreciate that you dislike comparisons with other countries, but it’s difficult to ignore the US where 72,000 people died of drug overdoses in 2017. 94 died in Taiwan in 2016.


He’s gonna tell you that the US has a lot more people.

Try Australia. Aka paradise on earth where everyone surfs to work.

How’s that for a comparison?


It’s a mean, mean world.


Ancient philosopher ? :clown_face:


he’s probably going to say Australia is as bad as syria. don’t pat yourselves on the back and compare taiwan to a real safe country instead.